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by Pawel Halas on 20 Apr, 2017 ~3 minutes read

Learn how to create new campaigns, attach discounts and customize the length of trials you offer

Campaign Builder is brand new tool for Partners working with us in LiveChat Affiliate Marketing Program. While in this brief introduction you can learn a bit more about changes we made and reasoning behind their implementation, in this post I’d like to show you how to actually make use of them.

Campaign Builder is available once you log in to your Partner App and go to Affiliate Partner section.

partner program dashboard

You can access Campaign Builder either from Overview (1.) or Campaigns (2.) tags by clicking on the Create Campaign button.

Campaign Builder

Once you click the button, a Campaign Builder will pop up. For such a powerful tool, it’s very simple. It allows you to attach additional parameters to your affiliate link and make your offer more enticing to customers this way. Those parameters are:

  • Campaign name (3.) - campaign name will be attached to your affiliate link as a _UTMCampaign _parameter and you will be able to track it in Performance report,
  • Trial duration (4.) - you can choose the length of the trial that you want to offer in your campaign. You might stay to a regular 14-day free use period or offer an extended trial (up to 60 days) and encourage more people to sign up this way,
  • Discount (5.) - attach one of available discounts on LiveChat plans to your campaign if you find it useful. It’s not obligatory, though,
  • Landing page (6.) - choose which site you want to direct you leads on,

campaign builder

Important: If you want clients to see the confirmation of extended trial/discount on LiveChat plans you attached to your campaigns, please direct them to a signup subsite. Whenever affiliate links (containing additional parameters) direct to signup subsite, a special landing page shows up displaying details of particular offer.

livechat signup page for affiliates

Once you set all the parameters of your offer, hit the Create campaign button and you will build an affiliate link with your custom campaign attached.

What’s now left for you to do is to pick up the link and start sharing it. Again, you’ll find links either in Overview or Campaigns tags:

  • In Overview: links can be picked up from Referral link section (7.) Choose any of available (created previously) campaigns from the drop-down list and relevant affiliate link attached to it will appear on the right side. referral link section with campaigns dropdown list
  • In Campaigns: links are listed under URL column (8.) - next to the details of relevant campaigns you created previously. campaigns links section

Important: Pay special attention to accurately describe details of your customized LiveChat offerings. You certainly don’t want to mislead customers.

That’s it, basically. Campaign builder gives you an unprecedented opportunity to customize your affiliate links and make your offers on LiveChat way more attractive to potential customers. Finally, you can create your own deals and encourage your leads to sign up more efficiently.

Test various campaigns and see which works best for you. Now it’s time to gain more referrals and boost your sales.

Happy marketing!

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