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Discover News from the LiveChat World. In this section, you’ll find the collection of all the important LiveChat & LiveChat Partner Program updates in one place. Be sure to check what’s new once in a while!

Here’s what happened in February

To my surprise, OpenAI continues to amaze. After revolutionizing the online industry with the beloved (and behated) ChatGPT, the company introduced Sora - yet another reason to lay off your marketing specialists. This time - those from video and motion teams.  But let's get... read more

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Mar 1, 2024

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Get ready for January news

The year started brilliantly… or it was a step into a dystopian future, depending on where you’re standing in this discussion.  Last year, Elon Musk’s company, Neuralink, finally received the green light from U.S. regulators to start human trials of a revolutionary brain... read more

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Feb 1, 2024

2023 wrapped: the biggest updates!

This year has been full of exciting changes for us. We kicked off by marking a significant milestone – our 21st birthday! To embrace the spirit of adulthood right, we decided to change the name to one that reflects where we’re heading with our - well - mature business... read more

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Jan 4, 2024

November in our Partner Program

This month, the tech world witnessed a captivating soap opera at OpenAI, a key player in the global AI revolution.  It all started with a surprising move: the company’s board fired CEO Sam Altman, who was then promptly scooped up by Microsoft. In a show of solidarity, OpenAI... read more

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Dec 1, 2023

Introducing HelpDesk in the Solution Program!

A couple of months after introducing HelpDesk into the Affiliate Program, we’re also introducing it into the Solution Program! You can now promote it among your audience and offer it to your customers.  We also have a special limited-time deal for you.  If your... read more

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Nov 28, 2023

Lead submission? Heck yeah!

Introducing a brand-new revenue stream: you now have the opportunity to submit details of potential customers who've shown interest in our products but have yet to make a purchase. For each closed deal, you could earn either $500 or a 10% share of the value deal! Is this an... read more

4 minutes
Nov 21, 2023

LiveChat Partner Program Tiers and Benefits Guide

When we started building our products, we knew that we wanted to create the best tools for communicating with customers. And we were struggling with the same problems every other business does. We wanted to grow our customer base, gain more visibility, and build up our... read more

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Jun 6, 2023

Gain more control over your affiliate campaigns

This fall brings lots of amenities for all Partners active within the Affiliate Program. Recently, we’ve been working on introducing a new way of monitoring the effectiveness of your campaigns. And now, we’re delighted to announce that it’s finally here! With the new release, we... read more

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Sep 27, 2022

Introducing tiers in the Solution Program

We're thrilled to announce that our Solution Program just got a whole lot better! We’ve introduced a tier system and mixed it with business-building opportunities so our Partners can benefit from our partnership even more. Our goal was to create an environment where every... read more

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Dec 21, 2021

New in the Partner Program: ChatBot reselling

We are excited to announce the launch of a new Partnership opportunity. From now on, ChatBot - a powerful new product from our suite - can be created in a version that allows you to become its Value-Added Reseller (VAR). All you need is access to the Solution Program. This... read more

5 minutes
Jul 1, 2021

Interested in Guest Posting? Read this first!

Due to the high volume of submissions and the fact that we're focusing on closer cooperation with our Partners and regular contributors, we currently don't accept guest post requests. However, if you think that you could bring tremendous value to our blog, write us! We're looking... read more

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Sep 17, 2020