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Lead submission? Heck yeah!

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Nov 21, 2023

We're thrilled to share some exciting news!

Introducing a brand-new revenue stream: you now have the chance to submit details of potential customers who've shown interest in our products but have yet to make a purchase. Each closed deal could earn you $500!

Is this opportunity for you? When is the best time to take advantage? Keep reading to learn more.

The 'big company' hassle

Closing deals with large companies is a challenging journey.

It involves navigating through various decision layers and meeting diverse departmental needs. Ensuring HIPAA compliance, negotiating NDAs, accommodating customization and onboarding requests, engaging in pricing discussions, and providing additional training – it's all part of the process.

We understand it very well — we navigate big company expectations daily. We dive into their expectations, customize our products for their needs, and negotiate contracts. Need proof? Our satisfied base of over 45,000 business customers says it all.

You've only had two choices when encountering such a customer: dive into the process and earn, or pass on the opportunity. Now, you have the third option: hand over the sales process to our skilled sales team and pocket $500 once that deal is sealed.

As a result, your customers will receive top-notch service and support from our experienced team, and you'll receive a reward for your contribution to the deal.

Your leads in good hands

To ease your potential concerns, I spoke with Barbara Walas, our Account Executive.

Why do big customers happen to be difficult?

Dealing with enterprises isn't necessarily 'difficult' per se; challenges can arise with any client type. It seems to me that the challenges are often just different. Working with enterprise clients involves more stages and more teams—usually legal and security teams—with higher expectations from these departments. The seller's ability to build relationships becomes crucial.

Building a strong rapport from the start can later shield the client from longer waits during legal or security processes, impacting negotiations and every stage of the sales process. This is because, with larger clients, success often hinges on convincing a champion within their company, someone who champions our cause, arranges meetings with other teams, handles documents, and involves the right people.

If this person has a personal interest in our product, say their team truly needs LiveChat, then the chances of making the sale increase. Failing to persuade such a key individual about our product or its value leaves us without someone to tackle the quite challenging work within a large company—prioritizing the project and engaging the right tools and people.

What does the deal-closing process look like on your end?

This is what the optimal sales process looks like:

However, in practice, it can take much longer and differ significantly. Additional stages may arise, with legal or security potentially intervening at various points, especially in the case of enterprise clients. For them, the sales process can stretch for several months, and at times, even longer compared to the standard three weeks with an average client.

Hence, it's incredibly important with enterprise clients to orchestrate the process in a way that despite the passing time and the wait for legal, urgency doesn't fade away. For this to happen, the client must understand the consequences of not implementing our solution. That is, what will happen if we don't solve their problem – sometimes, the client knows this themselves, like financial strain, customer dissatisfaction, or delays in their team's SLAs.

Sometimes, we need to help the client visualize these potential consequences and effectively build that sense of urgency.

Lead submission made simple

Having all the difficult stuff passed to our Sales team, you can focus on lead submission. It's done via the lead submission form that's available in our Partner App (if you don't have your account yet, simply register - it's free of charge).

The first step is filling the form. You simply need to share the customer's contact details.

Then, you choose whether you want to be included in the communication between the customer and our sales team, and simply hit “Submit.” Congratulations, you just registered a lead!

From now on, the Partner App will be a source of knowledge about your leads. Several statuses will let you know whether the deal is won yet, but remember that you can contact us anytime you have questions.

If you want to learn more about this process, check the help center article. And if you're wondering whether to give our Partner Program a try, just sign up - it costs nothing and give you lots of opportunities to earn.