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It always starts with the idea and then it becomes something more. Find the inspiring success stories of our partners and follow their steps on your way to success. See how partnerships can expand your B2B business.

Tooltester grows with the LiveChat Partner Program

We’re living in the era of applications. There are thousands of apps for website building, product selling, marketing automation, or customer service. And while it’s great that there are so many choices, choosing a perfect tool for a business can turn into a dreadful ordeal.... read more

4 minutes
Oct 25, 2023

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TCS delivers a 50% increase in leads and 98% customer happiness

Being a LiveChat Expert is not only about implementing a chat window or providing agent outsourcing services to businesses. There are many reasons why businesses decide to use live chat on their website: providing excellent support, increasing the number of leads generated or... read more

7 minutes
May 28, 2022

Deviniti’s Success Story: Conquering the App Marketplaces

In the span of 14 years of their presence on the software development market, Deviniti went from offering services to external companies to creating their own products. They’ve been able to do that by leveraging the power of both Atlassian Marketplace and our own LiveChat... read more

4 minutes
Jul 3, 2018

Using Chat for Lead Generation and Customer Service

In today's customer-oriented environment, the real measure of success for a business is how many of its customers keep choosing it over its competitors. DeskMoz considers outstanding customer experience and efficient lead generation the best bet for the enhancement of customer... read more

5 minutes
Jun 16, 2016

SoMe Connect succeeds with LiveChat Partner Program

Becoming a LiveChat Partner can be challenging for one reason: it can be difficult to explain what the live chat tool is. Not all entrepreneurs are familiar with it so they can be skeptical about it. They might think that the implementation is difficult, time-consuming and that... read more

4 minutes
Feb 24, 2016

Selling LiveChat in the tourism industry

When looking for potential customers for LiveChat, you might want to address a specific niche. By adjusting your offering and marketing to a particular industry, you will be able to provide better, more targeted services. One of such companies is Holiday Media, an interactive... read more

2 minutes
Feb 24, 2016