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Selling LiveChat in the tourism industry

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Feb 24, 2016

When looking for potential customers for LiveChat, you might want to address a specific niche. By adjusting your offering and marketing to a particular industry, you will be able to provide better, more targeted services.

holiday media

One of such companies is Holiday Media, an interactive agency catering to the tourism industry. Read on to see how their market LiveChat to their customers.

LiveChat for tourism companies

Holiday Media provides their customers with a wide range of website and Internet-related functionalities. They specialize in servicing the customers from the tourism industry. This includes bungalow parks and travel agencies.

Their customers use LiveChat to contact their future and existing guests. According to Hans Latour from Holiday Media, they get a lot of positive reactions about the use of LiveChat. He stated that guests "appreciate the service" as LiveChat requires less effort and time from the guest than having telephone calls.

"Online chat is a great opportunity for our clients to communicate with their (future) guests," said Latour. "We switched from LivePerson to LiveChat for reasons of costs and ease in functionality", he added.

Making booking easier is one of Holiday Media's biggest selling points when it comes to marketing LiveChat. Their customers can use it to not only increase the number of leads they engage but also the number of transactions, i.e. bookings, they close. Potential guests who have their questions answered quickly are much more likely to book a room.

Currently, Holiday Media has 10 customers to whom they provide LiveChat and related services. Their customers include companies such as Westerbergen, Landgoed Ruwinkel, Kennemer Duincampings.

holiday media

Apart from supplying LiveChat, the company also offers a number of training opportunities as an additional service. According to Latour, they currently offer two kinds of trainings: standard instruction to use LiveChat which tackles the technical aspect of using the app and a training with instructions about how to communicate that allows agents to develop their soft skills. The additional training services provide extra revenue on top of the commission they earn from marketing LiveChat.

When it comes to commission, Latour stated that it is a great "stimulation to sell."

The company plans to expand their portfolio of customers as well as the number of companies using their own product "Online booking accommodations."