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Kasia Perzynska

Kasia Perzynska


I’m a content marketer at LiveChat with the 4 years of experience in the SaaS universe. When I’m not writing, then you can find me traveling, watching Netflix, shopping and spending time with my dog, Vincent. I have an undying love for vegetarian food, yoga and meditation.

You can find my work on company blogs like: GetResponseUnamoWeeblySleeknotePhraseWishpondePages and more…

My articles are frequently featured on Business2Community.

Get in touch with me at Twitter or LinkedIn.

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Working from home is indisputably great! It offers flexibility - saving you time and money as you're not commuting. Remote working also lets you operate whenever you're most productive, so you can actually do more in shorter chunks of time. There are many advantages to it, but... read more

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Mar 24, 2024