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7 min read | Feb 14 | Justyna Polaczyk

How Chatbot Reselling Can Benefit Your Business

With this new episode of the Learning Series, let’s learn the ropes of ChatBot reselling and how it can benefit your business. What is ChatBot?  In short, it’s a... read more

Online business

11 min read | Feb 14 | Jeremy Moser

5 Ways to Improve Your Lead Generation Using Video

If you want to run a successful business, you’re going to have to generate leads. But sometimes, it feels like there are about as many lead-gen strategies as there are... read more

Online business

6 min read | Jan 31 | Adam Kiss

Heatmap Analysis Best Practices: Nearly Everything You Need To Know

Preliminary analyzes, A/B tests, or traffic testing. Certainly, no concept is foreign to you.  How about we say that you can get almost any information that is... read more

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4 min read | Jan 17 | Pawel Halas and Justyna Polaczyk

Tooltester grows with the LiveChat Partner Program

We’re living in the era of applications. There are thousands of apps for website building, product selling, marketing automation, or customer service. And while it’s... read more

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