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by Kasia Perzynska and Pawel Halas on 09 Sep, 2016 ~5 minutes read

Chicago Digital is a web agency that specializes in building highly functional web experiences. It focuses primarily on established small to mid sized B2B service businesses. Their cooperation with LiveChat Partners is a great example of affiliate marketing success stories.

Chicago Digital’s main focus when working with clients is what the customer experience is like when the target customer gets to the website. While they do help with some traffic driving strategies, their main focus is on how to enable the prospect to easily find what they are looking for, create a positive perception of the company and ultimately convert the prospect into a customer. “Our skill is building beautiful, handcrafted websites but the purpose is to deliver real marketing goals for businesses and organizations”, said Michael Sallander, President of Chicago Digital.

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Over the past 7 years, Chicago Digital developed a unique technical niche. They focused solely on building websites on the Adobe Business Catalyst (BC) platform. Chicago Digital is the leading agency in the BC industry and is the team behind a number of well-known projects. These include:

  • BC Academe, the industry’s leading on-demand training website for developers,
  • Solid Sky, one of the industry’s top app development companies,
  • BC App Store, the central marketplace for distributing BC apps.

Delivering Great Customer Experiences Across Multiple Brands

Having one team managing 4 different online companies provides a variety of challenges. Especially in customer service area. What’s absolutely impressive, Chicago Digital’s team can easily handle chats from all 4 brands in one central location.  All they have to do is to look at reports filtered by companies (groups).

“Customer Service is an area that we pride ourselves on at Chicago Digital. For us to give our customers the ability to chat in real time with our sales and support team was a big move forward. Obviously, providing even better customer experience was what we expected. It was important to us to be able to support clients across the different brands but by the same team. We wanted to maintain the branding of the business in which the customer reached out. This was one of the primary drivers for choosing LiveChat as a chat solution.” - Michael Sallander, Chicago Digital

Integration with desk.com was another key criteria for selecting LiveChat. Chicago Digital uses desk.com as the central ticketing system and support all of their customers across the 4 brands with it. Consequently, they wanted to maintain desk.com as the central source of information for their support team.

After agents complete their chats, they can send chats’ transcripts as a case to desk.com. With just one click of a button! What’s even more convenient, agents can see a list of past desk.com cases at a glance. “At Chicago Digital we tested out a variety of chat solutions (including the one included in desk.com) and found LiveChat to be the highest quality and most reliable offering”, Michael summed up.

michael sallander scott shefler photo Co-Founders Mike Sallander & Scott Shefler in Adobe Business Catalyst’s Office in Bucharest, Romania

Chicago Digital - example of affiliate marketing success stories made easy

Like in many other affiliate marketing success stories with LiveChat Partner Program, the decision to become a LiveChat Partner was easy for Chicago Digital. After using LiveChat internally for a few months they quickly saw the benefits. “Thanks to the goal tracking capabilities in LiveChat, Chicago Digital management could see that customers who had engaged in LiveChat at the BC Academe were more likely to convert into paying recurring members”, said Michael.

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LiveChat Integration for Adobe Business Catalyst

As a developer of apps and owner of the BC App Store, it was natural to look to the BC App Store as a place to spread the word about LiveChat. Solid Sky have even developed a Business Catalyst app that makes installing LiveChat much easier. As a result, the app passes all the valuable customer information from BC to the chat agent straight away. LiveChat is the top chat app on the BC App Store.

When customers reach out to Chicago Digital for a chat solution for their website, they always recommend LiveChat. “While it is not the cheapest solution on the market, we feel comfortable recommending it. We just know that our customers are going to have an amazing experience with it. Most importantly, though, LiveChat will help drive more business for them”, said Michael. “We have found that most of our customers interested in LiveChat are eCommerce companies. However, we never hesitate to remind our non eCommerce businesses about the solution. We know, that having LiveChat can help them drive more sales as well.”

michael sallander chicago digital

Internally, Chicago Digital has seen the benefit of chat real-time chatting themselves. “In many industries response time is a key factor in getting the sale. What’s amazing, you just cannot get a faster time of response then with LiveChat. Potential customer can be engaged in a chat straight away - when he’s still on your website. Then, it’s just the salesperson task to convert him!”, added Michael.

Looking towards the future, Chicago Digital wants to make live chats a more central part of their support offering.

“We plan on adding LiveChat to the back-end of Adobe Business Catalyst. Our goal is make it even easier for customers to reach us when they need help”, said Michael.

This approach only confirms, how focused Chicago Digital are on delivering the highest quality of services. Most importantly, they are not engaged into cold selling but strive to provide a value added instead. Such attitude is exactly what makes their cooperation within LiveChat Partner Program one of the most admired affiliate marketing success stories.

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