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SoMe Connect succeeds with LiveChat Partner Program

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Feb 24, 2016

Becoming a LiveChat Partner can be challenging for one reason: it can be difficult to explain what the live chat tool is. Not all entrepreneurs are familiar with it so they can be skeptical about it. They might think that the implementation is difficult, time-consuming and that the tool itself will not be useful for them.

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Aalap Shah - SoMe Connect

SoMe Connect faced this problem too. Many of their clients rejected the idea of using LiveChat because they did not believe that it would work for them. SoMe figured out how to overcome their objections thanks to the fact that they use LiveChat themselves and because they help their clients to introduce it to their businesses.

"The first week is generally intense – lots of questions and thoughts. But by the second week we are getting calls/texts/emails that this was the best decision ever. Almost every single client that we have implemented LiveChat for has retained it, expanded seats, or purchased larger packages." - Aalap Shah, co-founder of SoMe Connect

SoMe becomes a LiveChat Partner

SoMe is a Chicago based social media agency focused on building online communities that drive traffic and engage with their clients' businesses. "Our principle goal is to drive leads or sales for the brands that we work with", explained Aalap. "We’re also often deployed to help a product launch, brand awareness campaigns and help brands connect with new audiences and build awareness."

SoMe has chosen LiveChat for a couple of reasons. They like LiveChat’s intuitive interface, support materials and live help from its customer service team. "The dead simple setup, the support, and the materials online are miles ahead of any competitor", said Aalap. "I also love all the use case studies as it helps me think of new opportunities for my clients to use it in different scenarios."

During the time they were using LiveChat, SoMe found out that live chat is an excellent customer service tool along with being a great lead generation tool. "LiveChat generates at least 2 leads a week which translates roughly into 15-20% of our overall revenue", said Aalap.

It was just a matter of time before SoMe decided to become LiveChat Partners.

Main LiveChat selling points

The most important thing for SoMe customers was selling and generating leads. SoMe knew that LiveChat was a perfect tool for it, but they still had to convince their customers about it. They had to come out with universal benefits that would fit every business.

The most important is that testing LiveChat is completely risk-free. All you need to do is to sign up and you can immediately use chat on their websites.

Secondary, LiveChat allows to discover why website visitors are not converting. By responding to customers’ enquiries, you can figure out what are the most common problems and how potential customers interact with a website.

Another important fact is that by answering questions, you can directly assist in sales. Aalap always mentions how important real time interaction with onsite visitors is and how willingly they start a live chat!

Last but not least, live chat is a great alternative to expensive telephone and ineffective email. LiveChat means instant help, great customer support and sales increase at one go.

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Aalap states that customers are always very happy with the implementation. "Clients are often amazed by how much their online customers want to talk to them", said Aalap. "Even those that are not experiencing a sales lift right away, love the opportunity to engage in chat with potential prospects and introduce them to the firm".

Relationship that doesn’t end on a sale

SoMe always makes sure that their customers know how to exploit the potential of LiveChat. "We do everything from installing the code for our clients on their website to also installing on their desktop and mobile devices", explained Aalap. "On our end, we often want our customers that use LiveChat not only to sell more but also to understand where their customers are coming from, what types of questions they can answer, and what kind of excellent customer service they can offer".

They set up customers’ accounts, customize them and add different kinds of canned responses and greetings. They also help to manage customer service teams and train them. To help their customers even better, they often turn to LiveChat’s support for help.

Partnership with LiveChat turned out to be an ideal solution for both: SoMe and their customers. "We love LiveChat’s portal, resources, materials and the live support", said Aalap. "I think that’s one of the best opportunities for us being a partner – we can ask questions and brainstorm with its team on which type of solution will best fit the needs of our clients."

Now, SoMe is able to offer better solutions to their customers and get a significant revenue increase. "I love it", admits Aalap. "I can’t wait to grow our partnership with LiveChat and wish it continued success."