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Webics Brings a 25% Boost in Sales and a 15% Increase in Order Value

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Apr 9, 2024

Webics is a well-known web design and digital marketing agency based in Nowra, Australia. They specialize in creating WordPress websites and have a team of Google-accredited web marketing experts. 

Serving more than 700 clients from local to international levels, Webics plays a key role in lifting businesses to success online. They focus on providing innovative marketing strategies and beautiful websites, helping businesses stand out in the digital world.

Webics quickly understood the importance of quick communication in improving their clients' online presence and decided to partner with LiveChat.

“We were inspired to partner with LiveChat because of your industry-leading reputation for providing robust and innovative live chat solutions. LiveChat's user-friendly interface, advanced features, and commitment to customer success made it the ideal choice for our agency.”

Ory Purhonen, Director & Founder at Webics

Addressing challenges through a tailored solution

The agency went through several challenges when implementing LiveChat into its workflow. Here’s how they managed to successfully overcome them.

LiveChat implementation

Webics understood the importance of aligning the chat widget with each client’s communication strategy and branding. They knew maintaining consistency and enhancing user experience with a visually pleasing, easy-to-navigate chat interface was crucial.

All customization hurdles were tackled by closely collaborating with LiveChat’s support team, letting the company fully take advantage of the platform’s robust customization functionalities. 

“LiveChat not only met but surpassed our expectations with its reliability, functionality, and exemplary customer service,” says Purhonen. “Since implementing LiveChat, we've observed a 30% increase in website conversions for our clients.”

CRM Integration

Webics worked with their clients and LiveChat's tech support team to smoothly integrate LiveChat with the clients' existing CRM systems. 

By doing so, Webics and its clients were able to streamline communication processes, making it easier and more efficient to engage with customers. This not only improved customer data management but also significantly enhanced the quality of customer service provided. 

As a result, the average response time decreased by 40%, leading to a noticeable increase in customer satisfaction levels

Comprehensive staff training

Webics knew it was important for their clients' teams to really understand how to use LiveChat well. So, they created in-depth training programs. 

These programs showed the teams how to quickly and personally assist people visiting their websites through LiveChat. The goal of the training was to help these teams use LiveChat as a way to connect with visitors and potentially turn them into customers. 
Thanks to this training, Webics' clients found it much easier to get started with LiveChat. This led to happier customers and better performance from using the tool.

The winning alliance with LiveChat

Webics values its strong partnership with LiveChat and looks forward to achieving more together. Seeing their clients' businesses grow has made Webics even more confident in this partnership.

Following LiveChat’s integration, Webics’ clients enjoyed a 25% boost in online sales and a 15% increase in average order values within the first quarter. These results showed how much LiveChat helped improve business, proving how valuable the partnership was.

Despite initial customization challenges, LiveChat’s support team was crucial in facilitating a smoother setup process. Moreover, LiveChat adeptly met the clients’ need for instantaneous, personalized visitor support, which is essential to ecommerce success.

Asked about whether the partnership with LiveChat met their expectations, Purhonen responds: 

“Absolutely! LiveChat exceeded our expectations in terms of reliability, functionality, and customer support. The seamless integration of your product into our clients' websites has significantly improved user engagement and satisfaction.”