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The Secrets of the Partners’ Success – the Interview

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Apr 17, 2024

- Hello Anika, thanks for joining me! Can you tell us what’s your mission in our Partner Program?

- Absolutely! As a Partner Relations Specialist at Text, I assist our new Solution Partners during their initial months with us, ensuring smooth onboarding. I also offer continuous support to our seasoned Partners as they progress on their journey. Whether you're requesting a demo account or seeking assistance with your first client, you can count on me.

- So, in short, you ensure that everyone who joins the program knows their next steps.

- Exactly.

Your first steps in the Solution Program

- So, what are these steps?

- I always invite newly joined Partners to set up a discovery call. Thanks to this, I can learn more about their business and needs, and guide them toward their goals. In addition, they can find the onboarding video in the Sales & Training section of our app. Last but not least, after our call/ meeting, I always share the document explaining what benefits they can unlock within the Solution Program.

Your benefits

- The Sales & Training section is filled with resources that may support your sales process or help your client (and your team!) know our products better.

- That’s true. But before you start doing sales presentations, there’s a better way to learn what our products can do. Every Solution Partner can request access to their product demo account. To set it up, simply contact us via email or through the Partner App. Once you test our products, you can use demo accounts as real-life presentations during your sales meetings. You can customize your account so it matches your customer’s website. Thanks to this personalized offer, your customer will get a feel of how the solution would look live.

- What other benefits can you gain when actively partnering with us?

- Oh, there are too many to talk about. From higher commission/discount through running marketing projects together to being promoted among our customers - I recommend checking them in our Tiers & benefits guide.

Not our Partner yet? Let's change it!

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Who is the Solution Program for?

- OK, we talked about the first steps in the Solution Program. We mentioned the main benefits. But I feel we should also talk about who this program is for and how our partners make use of this opportunity.

- We aim to partner with consulting and IT companies, marketing agencies and software houses because we see that companies in these sectors are the most successful. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot resell our products if you’re a freelancer.

- Let me understand it better. Can you mention a couple of ways our Partners do business with their customers?

- Sure! One of our Partners made $50,000 in deals since they started offering LiveChat. Also, they had a fantastic result – implementing LiveChat on their customer’s website boosted sales by 379%! The interesting part is that they offer a service package based on LiveChat under their own brand name, Map Chat, which includes product training and license customization.

- Oh, I know who you are talking about – it’s Conscious Commerce. We already published a success story with them on our website. I’d love to hear about other cases, if you don’t mind!

- Of course not! One Partner builds dedicated real estate management websites, with LiveChat being part of higher pricing plans. LiveChat is provisioned through the Solution Program reselling. Each customer starts with a small account but has the option to increase the license to more agents or a higher plan per request. Scalable support is crucial for them, as it allows them to efficiently handle setting up new accounts, closing unnecessary ones, and billing at a low cost.

- Sounds great! Any other use cases come to mind?

- We have a gold tier Partner who transfers customers from competitive software to LiveChat and offers already customized licenses. Since he offers LiveChat to big companies, he focused mainly on crucial features for these companies. So he sells licenses in the Business plan, for 10-20 agents. The most used features are reports and the Super Vision integration, which allows for the monitoring and supervising of chats. What’s interesting here is that he charges his customers as per official LiveChat pricing, meaning that he earns 25% of each deal value.

- That’s a clever marketing strategy. And how about other products, or do most Partners offer LiveChat?

- No, they also offer our products in bundles. There's an interesting case of a Partner who scheduled and conducted three discovery calls, although the onboarding process includes one meeting only. They wanted to understand our products thoroughly and had many questions, but we felt they had a lot of potential. And we were right!

- It’s good that you mentioned that. As it shows that our tiers & benefits are guidelines, not directives, because if we see potential, we have no problem helping.

- That’s right! In the end, this Partner implemented LiveChat on the University of Bedfordshire website. They discovered that there were so many repetitive questions and tasks that could be done automatically, they convinced the university that ChatBot was the perfect fit for them. A bot also serves as extra assistance during the busy part of the school year. They created a bot on their license and, once it was tested and ready, copied it to the university’s license.

- So they have a ChatBot demo account? 

- Yes, and LiveChat’s as well! They also implemented it on their website and use it for free.

- And how about other industries?

- There is an interesting Partner who manages online events. And by “events” I mean conferences where participants need to sign up, like virtual events, hybrid events, webcasts, and webinars. They provide LiveChat licenses and outsource LiveChat agents. They support large conferences a few times a year so their agents need to know multiple languages to support them.

- I think I know who you have in mind, that’s NoBotChat! They handle high-volume traffic and have awesome results at the same time! The average time for a chat to be picked up is less than 5 seconds, and they have a 100% satisfaction rate per event on average.

- That’s right. What’s interesting is that they used our SDK to code their own widget. LiveChat licenses stay live even after the event if their client sees value in it. If the event taking place already has a license, they only buy additional seats. If the event is new, they create a new license. Later, they can reduce the number of agents.

- Looking at their name, they don’t use bots?

- They don’t. But I recall a Partner who used our API documentation and created their own custom bot on the LiveChat license. Then they set up a custom price and were selling the whole bundle. As you can see, with so many Partners come so many ideas.

Join the Solution Program and become our Partner

- So there are plenty of opportunities for collaboration as a Solution Partner!

- Most definitely! If you feel that your clients could benefit from our suite, join the program and we’ll plan the next steps with you. Even if you think that your use case is unique, reach out to us and we will help you to plan your strategy. You can choose to resell our products, make them a part of a bundle, offer services around them - it’s up to you.

- And we’re here to help 24/7 of course. Thanks a lot for the conversation, Anika!