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NoBotChat Builds Meaningful Connections with Customers using LiveChat

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Feb 6, 2023

Let's face it, conversing with bots can be a drag sometimes. One reason for this is that the bot creators don’t have the skills or the right tools to build a bot that sounds natural. As a result, bots cannot understand the context and interpret language as humans do. So, sometimes it can feel like you're talking to a wall.

People may also dislike talking to bots because they can't read social cues or emotions and can't show empathy and understanding as a human would. This can make it hard to connect with the bot and make the conversation less enjoyable.

The founders of NoBotChat understood that the most meaningful connections are built by real human agents.

The highly skilled team behind the chat

NoBotChat provides fully managed end-to-end live chat support and virtual events concierge. They aim to help their clients engage website visitors, boost lead generation, and close more sales

The list of industries that use their services is impressive: ecommerce, healthcare, education, travel, hotels, law offices, real estate, and SaaS.

Businesses from these industries have one thing in common: they all have high-volume traffic websites that require instant visitor engagement and support.

“The COVID pandemic was one of the biggest driving forces behind increasing traffic on various websites and the rise of virtual events,” said Masum Shamjad, Founder & CEO at NoBotChat. “We realized that many of these website visitors would need a support team behind them to help navigate the sites.”

After long research, the company not only decided to go with LiveChat, they also joined the LiveChat Partner Program. When asked about the reasons behind this decision, Shamjad responded: 

“There were several benefits we were looking forward to, for example, the ability to offer improved support experience to our clients and to offer them customized solutions. We also wanted to help build relationships with customers and engage multiple visitors at the same time.”

Other benefits Shamjad mentions include close cooperation with their Account Manager and the LiveChat Marketplace listing.

When asked about their success metrics, Shamjad mentions two of them:

Sounds pretty amazing!

The most successful implementation

Did you know that United Nations organizations also host their meetings online? As you can imagine, it’s a huge opportunity for businesses operating in the online market, but also a challenge. That’s why, when asked about the most successful implementation, Shamjad immediately mentioned the UN General Assembly live event covered by their client, WTV Global.

The UN General Assembly is a group of representatives from every country in the United Nations. It is one of the six main organizations of the United Nations. They meet once a year to discuss important issues and make decisions about the UN's work. 

As you can imagine, the event was huge.

WTV Global was fully committed to hosting the event as smoothly and successfully as possible. And since the event was held online, they had to cover the most important matters:

This is exactly the task NoBotChat had to face. They installed and customized LiveChat on the event’s website and outsourced their agents to guide event participants through all potential difficulties. In the end, they supported 64 participants from all over the world, and the event was a huge success. 

The future with LiveChat

When asked about the company’s future, Shamjad responded:

“We aim to constantly provide the highest level of end-to-end live chat support and customer satisfaction. We’re a bridge between businesses and their customers and we treat this mission very seriously.”

NoBotChat understands that business is all about having satisfied customers. They realize the importance of customer satisfaction, therefore they do their best to leave a good impression on website visitors and make them come back. It means that LiveChat, as the perfect tool for boosting customer happiness, is there to stay.