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91% of Systell customers improve ROI thanks to implementing LiveChat

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Apr 28, 2023

Systell is a company with excellent customer service in its DNA. They understand that in today's world, having the right level of customer support is crucial to staying competitive and achieving success.

What sets Systell apart is its commitment to creating customized solutions that meet each client's unique needs. In other words, Systell can create a contact center tailored to each client's needs. 

Helpline, videoconferencing and ticketing systems, survey and complaint management – the company's customers can utilize all these technologies. However, the company still needed to add one of the most important communication channels to its services: live chat. And then, they came across the LiveChat Partner Program.

We were looking for a perfect solution to integrate with our system but also wanted to create a long-term business partnership. Cooperation with LiveChat and the support during the implementation were terrific. 

Marta Grządzielska, Head of Marketing at Systell

The benefits of the partnership

There were a couple of reasons why Systell decided to choose LiveChat. First of all, they liked the product: a neat layout and an effective way of dealing with chats (canned responses!) were something they were looking for. 

They also liked that the chat widget could be customized to match the customers' website and that it was integrated with many communication channels (integration with Messenger was the most important for them).
What they value the most in the partnership with LiveChat is flexible cooperation.

We really like that you’re so responsive and keen to support us - said Grządzielska. - However, we also value the possibility of being listed on your Marketplace because it translates into more customers for our business.

Systell to the rescue: a business use case

Systell is a company that understands very well that the communication environment has changed a lot recently. As a result of the pandemic, the way of communicating with brands has changed; even a car can be sold online. And customers expect quick answers!

The problem is that many businesses manage multiple communication channels. So many different channels can create a number of problems, such as the difficulty of keeping track of all messages or the potential for important messages to get lost. 

Plus, when messages are spread out across different platforms, it can be chalenging to maintain a consistent voice and brand identity. If you're not careful, this could spell disaster for your reputation and profits.

One possible solution for the challenge of managing multiple communication channels is to implement a unified communication system. Systell offers a premium contact center system, allowing to have:

Every day, our systems make over 1,500,000 calls, not counting contacts via mail, SMS, live chat, web forms, fax, voice SMS, or Facebook,” said Grządzielska. “The client can count on us both in terms of consultations and analysis of the operation of the call center department, as well as further maintenance and development of the system.

And their results speak for themselves. 97% of their customers improved ROI, and 91%increased sales in the first quarter!

Asked about the plans for the future, the company wants to keep improving the quality of customer service that its customers deliver. Of course, with the help of the LiveChat team.