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Deviniti’s Success Story: Conquering the App Marketplaces

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Jul 3, 2018

In the span of 14 years of their presence on the software development market, Deviniti went from offering services to external companies to creating their own products. They’ve been able to do that by leveraging the power of both Atlassian Marketplace and our own LiveChat Marketplace.

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The Approach

For the last 14 years, Deviniti has been providing companies with IT services and solutions to help them enhance their business performance. As Deviniti CEO Piotr Dorosz states, ‘5 million people in 64 countries using our solutions, including 27% of Fortune 500 companies, is a statement of trust in what we do.’

The Journey

Piotr Dorosz, Deviniti CEO
When we set up the company in 2004, we called ourselves InTENSO back then, which was a variation of “IT Enterprise Solutions” abbreviation. The whole company consisted of 2 people, and we had no idea where the journey would take us.

At the beginning of our operations, we delivered dedicated IT solutions to financial institutions. Back then, custom development was our primary area of expertise. Some of these early partnerships (like mBank or Credit Agricole) ended up lasting for more than a decade, proving to be mutually beneficial and successful. As we took on larger projects over time, the company started to grow, and we slowly began to shape a new structure of our organization.{{< /block/quote >}}

The Goal

As for the next few years, Deviniti aims to further extend the functionalities of Jira Service Desk and maintain their leading position in the ITSM segment of the Ecosystem.

Atlassian Apps Head Krzysztof Skoropada adds: ‘We are also dedicated to providing our customers with excellent support, and LiveChat built into our Support webpage helps us with this a whole lot’.

deviniti livechat integration

The Process

Deviniti has embedded LiveChat to their Support webpage to help their customers contact them quicker. As Krzysztof Skoropada says, ‘If they have general questions about our apps or are lacking some information in the product documentation, they can drop us a line there, and our support specialists will take care’.

What’s more, they’ve built a free integration of LiveChat with Jira for companies that rely on Atlassian solutions heavily and would like to allow users to ask questions before filing a ticket. This saves lots of working hours in situations when highly qualified specialists need to exchange unnecessary additional information.

deviniti jira extension livechat integration

The idea for the integration came from the fact that Deviniti received numerous inquiries that included basic questions about features, installation or pricing. Krzysztof Skoropada once again: ‘That’s why we wanted to find a way to send less tickets to Jira, make our support team’s work a bit easier as well as improve customer experience for people who were contacting us. We had a coffee with LiveChat team where we went through our initial idea for the integration. The rest is history (and lots of coding)’!

What advice would you give to anyone considering joining LiveChat Partner Program?

‘Atlassian Marketplace opened incredible possibilities for development, customization and promotion of their software. LiveChat Marketplace has got such potential as well for the Partner Program participants. We’re feeling optimistic about that :)

We also keep receiving feedback from the LiveChat team about what’s possible and what’s not on the technical level. For instance, we’re currently working on an integration with Jira Cloud, which is available only for its Server version right now).Their suggestions help us move forward both as developers and as a team.

We took an opportunity to put our efforts together with LiveChat and provide our clients with a new solution to customize their Jira Service Desk. Other companies can benefit from the Affiliate Program or become a LiveChat Expert’.

The Success

After first few years working on products for other companies, Deviniti decided to take the great leap forward with creating their own apps. The first apps published on the Atlassian Marketplace were based on custom solutions they had developed for their clients,, but the real success came after they had released their best selling app, Extension for Jira Service Desk. Skoropada describes Deviniti’s move this way: ‘The app’s success showed us that Jira Service Desk agents needed tools for adjusting the Customer Portal to their clients’ needs. The continuous feedback we were receiving through our support was invaluable to us in creating new apps and improving the existing ones’.

They’re now an independent 25-person team, and their product portfolio includes 17 apps for Jira. One of them is the LiveChat integration, which you can add to your Jira Service Desk to make your customer support experience even more seamless.