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Introducing HelpDesk in the Solution Program!

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Nov 28, 2023

A couple of months after introducing HelpDesk into the Affiliate Program, we’re also introducing it into the Solution Program! You can now promote it among your audience and offer it to your customers. 

We also have a special limited-time deal for you

If your customers decide to switch to our software from another one, your customers’ tickets and settings will be migrated to our software completely for free! It means that your customers will move to HelpDesk seamlessly and without hassle and worrying about payment. 

If you’re interested, write to us and describe your case.

First things first though. Why is HelpDesk better than other ticketing solutions? How can you use this opportunity to your advantage? Read on and learn!

Why HelpDesk?

Did you know that email is still the most popular customer service channel? In addition, customers are also messaging companies via social media, contact forms, or – via LiveChat. 

It means that to respond to their inquiries, customer support agents must be available on different channels and switch between different apps. The whole process is time-consuming and open to mistakes.

HelpDesk is an answer to these problems. Here’s why.

1. Support for multiple channels

Customers can contact the team through call centers, emails, chats, website forms, chatbot conversations, or any other preferred method. At the same time, the team has all customer messages, agent responses, and system-generated messages in one location, making things simpler and better organized.

2. Manageable tickets

When a customer contacts for support, a ticket is created. The software assigns this ticket to an agent, who then resolves the issue using features like custom fields, priority settings, status updates, adding collaborators, and attaching files. This makes handling customer queries more efficient and organized.

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3. Ticket tracking and reporting

HelpDesk tracks and reports on opened, resolved, and closed tickets, helping to evaluate your support team's performance and identify areas for improvement, including customer trends and communication issues.

4. Customizable workflows

For example, it’s possible to set up a workflow to assign a ticket to the right agent based on predefined criteria, handle follow-up messages, or resolve simple technical issues.

Learn how Brastel reduced handling time per ticket by up to 39%.

5. Integration with other systems

HelpDesk easily integrates with apps and tools your customers use every day. Starting from WordPress, Salesforce and Jira, through Zapier and Hubspot, to LiveChat and ChatBot. And if there’s no integration with the app your customers use, you can build one yourself thanks to our open API.

Since HelpDesk integrates with our other products, it’s a great addition for your customers who already have them.

Pawel Halas, Head of the Partner Program

6. AI-driven automation

Ticket summaries, custom automations, copy and grammar improvements, response suggestions, language detection, pre-customized workflows and much more - our AI model will serve your customers well.

So, to sum up, all these HelpDesk benefits (and others I didn’t mention) will be perfect for your customers who:

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How to include HelpDesk in your business

As a Solution Partner, you have three ways to earn with HelpDesk.

1. You can start reselling it to your customers

At the start, you get a 20% discount on HelpDesk. As you are rewarded with higher tiers, the discount will raise to 22% on the Silver tier, and 25% on the Gold tier. In such a scenario, you can also offer services around HelpDesk (like app customization or workflow optimization) with your own margin.

Here’s more about our tiers and benefits

2. You can refer our products to your customers

You can create a license for your customer and hand it over to them. They will be solely responsible for the whole account and you’ll be rewarded with a 20% commission (or 22% and 25% on higher tiers).

3. You can submit leads

If you come across a customer who’s interested in HelpDesk but you don’t have the time or resources to handle the sales process, you can hand it over to us. Use the lead submission form, monitor the status of a deal, and be rewarded with $500 once it’s sealed.

Learn more about how to submit leads

Join the help desk market

The market for help desk solutions is anticipated to reach $11 billion by 2024 and is still growing. It means that it’s high time to join if you haven’t yet. 

Are you wondering where to start? First of all, get your free demo account. It will help you understand how HelpDesk works. But what’s also important, you can use them as real-life presentations during your sales meetings.

Learn how to get your product account

You might also want to check out the HelpDesk Handbook. It contains all the knowledge you need about the best practices to improve your customers’ workflows.

And remember, if your customer decides to leave our competitor, for a limited time we’ll transfer all their tickets and settings for free.