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updated: Jun 18, 2024

Knowing products that you offer to your customers is the bread and butter of your success. You need to know LiveChat’s and ChatBot’s business benefits, key features and be able to implement them in your customers’ workflow. You need to get demo accounts and test our products back and forth to do that.

How can you use your demo account?

We encourage you to use your product demo (be it LiveChat, ChatBot or HelpDesk) to:

1. Showcase it on your website

Yes, you can implement it on your website and use it for free. At the same time, you will understand the way our products work and you’ll be more experienced in your first implementations. It always builds more credibility with a potential client if they see that the Partner uses the software that they offer.

2. Use it during your product presentations

Such product demo can support you in your sales process. Just set it up according to the client’s use case so they can see how it works/looks, whether it meets their expectations, and how it can support their business.

3. Use it as a developer sanbox

It allows you to test your addons / integrations before you install it on your customer’s license.

You can create bot stories on your ChatBot account and then copy them to the target license when they’re tested.
You can create bot stories on your ChatBot account and then copy them to the target license when they’re tested.

How to get a demo account?

As soon as you get accepted to the Solution Program, you can get a demo account. There are a couple of ways you can do that. You can request it:

- during a discovery call (if you just joined the Solution Program),

- straight from the Sales & training section of the Partner App.

Solution & training section

Remember that you need to provide us with information about which product you want to test and on what email address you want to have it created.  

As soon as we process your request, you’ll get a confirmation email with information that we’ve created your demo account. The account will be active for 6 months after initial activation and we’ll extend it for a year after the first successful sale. It will remain active as long as you continue to get at least one sale every 12 months.

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