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updated: Sep 27, 2023

Send the lead submission form, track the referral status in the app, and after the sales team closes the deal, you’ll earn additional income. Interested? Read on!

What is the lead submission?

A “lead” refers to a potential customer who has expressed interest in the products recommended by our Partner (which is you). These individuals or organizations may not have committed yet but are in the early stages of considering a purchase.

For many reasons, you may want to avoid being involved in the sales process. This is when our form submission comes in handy. 

You can fill out the lead submission form and pass along the closing of the deal to our sales experts. Once the deal is closed, you’ll be rewarded: a $500 fixed fee or 10% share of deal’s annual value.

What are the criteria for lead submission?

When submitting a lead, you can choose one of two possible payment options:

  • $500 fixed fee and 
  • 10% share of deal’s value. 

Here’s how to calculate your lead’s value.

Let’s say that the customer decided to subscribe to LiveChat and purchase 5 agents in the Business plan. They chose to pay for the subscription annually. 

12 x (5 x $59) = $3540

It means that once the deal is sealed, you’ll get $354.

And now, let’s say that this customer decides to have a bundle: HelpDesk and LiveChat. They purchase 5 LiveChat agents in the Business plan and 5 HelpDesk agents.

12 x (5 x $59) + 12 x (5 x $29) = $3540 + $1740 = $5280

That gives $528 for you once the deal is successfully closed.

What’s the difference between license creation and submitting a lead?

Basically, the thing is that you can create a license for your customer whenever you want. It doesn’t matter if the company is small, medium or big - thanks to the Partner App, you can:

  • create a license,
  • add agents, 
  • customize it 
  • make the payments,
  • or transfer the ownership to your customer. 

→ Here you can find more about license creation. 

But sometimes (especially when it comes to big organizations) the sales process involves more stages and more teams – usually legal and security teams. It takes weeks (and sometimes months) to sign all agreements and successfully close the deal. 

And sometimes you might not have the time or resources to close it. That’s when you can pass the lead to our sales team and rest well knowing that we will do our best. And once the deal is closed and the customer is satisfied, you’ll be rewarded.

How does the deal-closing process look on your side?

This is what the optimal sales process looks like: 

  • Discovery meeting (20-30 minutes). 
  • Product demo (30-45 minutes). 
  • FAQ session and pricing discussion (30 minutes). 
  • Trial (typically 14 days). 
  • A purchase. However, in practice, it can take much longer and differ significantly.

Additional stages may arise, with legal or security potentially intervening at various points, especially in the case of enterprise customers. Worry not though, we support of such a customer as well.

And, once your lead decides to purchase our products, they’ll sign the contract and help them onboard.

→ Read more about the sales process.

What are the recommendations for lead submission?

Our sales team focuses mostly on big organizations. It means that we’re looking for companies that are interested in having at least 5 agent accounts or have over 50 employees.

Of course, the company’s representatives need to know that you will refer them to us and are willing to talk to our sales specialists. Otherwise, it would be difficult to close the deal ;)

How to fill out the form

To submit a lead, you have to go to: Solution > Leads > Submit a lead.

This is what the form’s first page looks like:

As you see, it’s quite simple. Make sure to double-check the contact information. Also, if you have anything that could help us close the deal, add it in the “additional information” field. 

And here’s the second page of the form:

Make sure to choose the right type of commission!

And now, the third page of the form.

There are two important things that you need to mark here. 

The first is whether you’d like to be involved in the communication between our sales team and your lead. You can choose to be included in the email communication, present at all meetings, or simply make an introduction. It’s also OK if you don’t want to be involved. 

The second thing is agreements. You need to confirm that the lead knows we will contact them.

Now, you simply need to click “Submit.”

Once the lead is submitted, you can monitor its status in the “Leads” tab. 

Upon checking the details of your lead, you’ll see more information. 

Now, the Partner App will be a source of knowledge about your leads. Here’s a list of statuses your leads can get:

Submitted. Our sales team will assess if the lead qualifies for further processing.

Rejected. Unfortunately, the submitted lead didn’t meet our requirements. Learn more about the criteria for leads to be accepted.

Approved for further review. Our sales team has accepted the lead and will now work on closing the deal.

Won. Congratulations! The deal was successfully closed. Your account will now be credited with $500.

Lost. Unfortunately, this deal was not finalized. If you’d like more information about this case, let us know via partners@livechat.com.

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