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Jun 11, 2024

We all know that AI is taking the world by storm, but this raises a question: is it just hype, or does it have real implications for business?

A recent survey involving 12,000 people across six countries, including the UK, reveals that only 2% of British participants use AI tools like ChatGPT daily despite their widespread hype. Dr. Richard Fletcher from Oxford notes a "mismatch" between the excitement over AI and actual public interest (!).

On the other side, Google has published a list of 101 AI use cases from the world's leading organizations, and it looks like AI is being used widely in customer service, marketing, and data analysis!

I guess business and everyday life are governed by different rules ;)

The smallest changes make our life easier! The new Affiliate dashboard helps you navigate our products, short links, and assets.

Want to promote LiveChat? Choose it as a product, and you’ll get all the right links and assets. Everything at your fingertips, whether you’d like to promote ChatBot or HelpDesk. Check it out for yourself! 

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101 to promoting our products or, if you like, the affiliate deck, has landed in our help center! It’s every Affiliate’s best ally for successfully promoting our products.

It’ll help you to understand how much you will earn, grab the ins and outs of our products, and teach you who and how you can promote them. In other words, it was created to make your life (and earning with us) easier. 

Don’t forget that by being active within the Affiliate Program you can earn from 20% to 22% commission for a lifetime of every paying customer!

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I’ll be honest with you: we’ve noticed that a handful of our customers don’t use the very useful features our LiveChat app has. And that’s why we’re introducing Spotlight, a search bar in the LiveChat app. With this, you’ll find everything in a flash (even things you didn't know were there ;)).

It’ll help you to jump between different parts of the app, pull up past chats from the archives, or get help from AI Assist. Just type in what you are looking for, and it sorts you out in a few clicks!

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We’ve launched a new ChatBot Training section! You can now enjoy the enhanced customization of your AI chatbots. Here’s what’s new: 

Check out the new tutorial video to see these features in action!  

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