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Why do your clients need HelpDesk and what can you gain by selling it? Watch our webinar!

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Feb 6, 2024

Why do your clients need HelpDesk and what can you gain by selling it? 

Watch our webinar to learn all you need to know to offer HelpDesk to your clients and how becoming a product expert will help you find a new revenue stream.

Here’s what we are covering:

Below, you will find a short summary of the webinar:

Discover HelpDesk

Let's start with the basics: What exactly is HelpDesk

Think of it as the evolution of customer support. It's not just about answering tickets but redefining how we handle customer queries. HelpDesk turns the fast-paced, “real-time” support model into a more thoughtful, “in-your-time” approach.

Picture this: you can instantly transform any chat into a comprehensive support ticket. And what's even cooler? Your entire team can effortlessly join forces to tackle a customer's problem. That's the beauty of HelpDesk—simplicity and teamwork rolled into one.

Thanks to its savvy AI, you won't have to sift through endless chats to understand what's going on. HelpDesk takes care of the heavy lifting by condensing and automating responses. This means you get to focus on the good stuff: delivering exceptional service.

With HelpDesk's automation and customization options, you can configure the system to take care of those repetitive tasks—sorting tickets and sending automatic updates. This frees up valuable time to add that personal touch and establish real connections with your customers.

The best part? HelpDesk can be tailored to match your team's specific requirements, allowing each member to work in a way that suits them best. This makes the entire customer support journey feel more authentic and removes the feeling of it being a monotonous task.

Watch the webinar to see how the automations work in practice.

Seamless integration with LiveChat

You can transfer a client from LiveChat to HelpDesk in one click, generate a ticket, and send an email about it to them. 

Why is this simple feature so important for customer service?

1. Tickets from chats help manage complexity.

Not every customer can be solved immediately. It is often hard to even estimate how long it will take to solve the problem. And not every problem needs to be solved immediately. Moving it to a ticket allows you to conveniently manage priorities and delegate them to other team members.

2. Chatting alone is not easy.

Real-time support is absorbing. 

HD gives you more time to think and search before dealing with the case. Your teammates (or automations) are there for you to save time or offer support. You have more tools to exchange or reuse information and track it over a longer period of time until resolution.

3. HelpDesk can be a training ground before LiveChat.

HelpDesk is a great tool for introducing new agents and training them. Learn and establish new practices with “in-your-time” communication first, then move to live chatting. 

Think of HelpDesk as the training wheels before you hit the high-speed track of LiveChat. It's like starting with a jog before sprinting. With HelpDesk, you learn the ropes of customer support in a more relaxed, asynchronous environment. It's about mastering the art of support at your own pace, then shifting gears to live chatting when you're ready.

And here's the cool part: the skills you hone in HelpDesk aren't just for show; they're superpowers you carry over to LiveChat. It's like training in a simulator before flying a jet – you get to practice, make mistakes, learn, and then take off with confidence.

New business opportunities with HelpDesk

LiveChat and HelpDesk's position on the market is growing, and we're acquiring thousands of new clients each year. They often need support in implementations, training, and the migration of their support departments from other systems. By targeting these types of customers, we are providing a great opportunity for our partners.

By gaining HelpDesk sales experience, you will become one of our preferred partners for such customers, and we will place your company in our partner marketplace. This way, you will gain a new source of potential customers.

Apply for a demo account and become a HelpDesk expert.

Watch the webinar and start selling HelpDesk

Embrace the opportunity to expand your business horizons. Watch our webinar to understand the full potential of HelpDesk and LiveChat, and join us in redefining customer support. By selling HelpDesk, you're not just offering a product; you're opening a new chapter of growth and opportunity for your business.