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March in our Partner Program

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Apr 12, 2024

March is closing with a headline that's sending ripples through the crypto community.

Remember Sam Bankman-Fried, the brain behind FTX, who famously vanished with $11 billion of his customers' and investors' money? And the same person who said "f*** regulators" on social media?

He has been found guilty of allegations that his empire was fraudulent from its inception. And as of March 28th, he's looking at a 25-year stint behind bars, a development with massive potential repercussions for the crypto world.

The good thing is, it will most probably lead to more strict regulations for cryptocurrency exchanges. On the downside though, it will most definitely shake investor confidence, making it harder for the industry to attract new users and investors.

It’s probably much safer to turn to safer and more reliable streams of revenue, so with that thought in mind, let’s transition into the news from our Partner Program.

In a fresh twist to submitting leads, you now have a choice in how you reap the rewards. Stick with the classic $500 for each successful sale or switch it up with a 10% cut of the deal’s value

Here’s how it works: 

This update offers you the flexibility to choose the option that aligns with your outlook. If you’re eyeing the long-term value in your leads, opting for the 10% could turn out to be quite the jackpot.

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Mailchimp integration users can now benefit from an additional campaign template designed to increase Mailchimp newsletter signups. This template works independently from your other LiveChat campaigns, preventing any possible collisions.

Here are all the changes this update brings:

Mailchimp integration

Remember our Live Assistant? The one only available for Business and Enterprise plans?

We’re happy to announce that it’s available for the Team plan too. Now more of your customers can take advantage of this AI helper, meaning that:

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We’re also happy to inform you that we’ve just rolled out some updates to the HelpDesk – LiveChat integration, making things smoother and more efficient. 

Here’s the scope: 

Thanks to these changes we’re fully prepared for potential upselling among the biggest LiveChat customers, which makes a great opportunity for you too!

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