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2023 wrapped: the biggest updates!

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Jan 4, 2024

This year has been full of exciting changes for us. We kicked off by marking a significant milestone – our 21st birthday! To embrace the spirit of adulthood right, we decided to change the name to one that reflects where we’re heading with our - well - mature business strategy.

But that's not all. We've injected fresh energy into our Partner Program by introducing a new, powerful product and expanding the ways you can collaborate with us in the Solution Program. Plus, we've dedicated ourselves to enhancing the Partner App, transforming it into your indispensable business assistant.

Join me as we dive into the highlights of our most successful projects in 2023!

Our products have always revolved around text communication, and that's no secret. But the big question is, how does traditional text fit into the dazzling future of the 21st century? The answer is simple: by integrating it with the power of AI technology

This blend of old and new is not just an evolution – it's a revolution in how we communicate and connect.

  1. LiveChat’s AI is already improving message quality and tone, providing quick, detailed responses, and offering chat summaries to quickly get on board. 
  2. With ChatBot, you can now scan a given website to create a story and start providing accurate answers in no time.
  3. HelpDesk includes features for AI-driven ticket summaries, enhanced text quality, and ticket management automation.

And believe us, it’s just the start ;)

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HelpDesk was introduced to our Solution Program following its inclusion in the Affiliate Program. Now, our Partners can promote HelpDesk among their audience and offer it to their customers, enhancing their service offerings. 

What’s super important here, our special deal for migrating customers from other software to HelpDesk is still happening! If your customer decides to leave our competitor, for a limited time, we’ll transfer all their tickets and settings for free.

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What’s a lead? 

It’s a potential customer who has expressed interest in the products recommended by you. They may not have committed yet but are in the early stages of considering a purchase. 

Sometimes, you can nurture such a lead and close the deal by yourself. But sometimes, especially when you deal with big organizations, it’s not that easy. Working with enterprises involves more stages and more teams - usually legal and security. Also, closing the deal might take months.

This is when our submission form comes in handy as you can pass along the closing of the deal to our sales team. At the same time, you can be sure that your customer will be taken care of by a team of skilled professionals. And once the deal is closed, you’ll be rewarded $500.

I need more details!

Honestly, we added so many upgrades to our Partner App that I don’t know where to start! 

First of all, new charts have been added, enabling you to identify successful campaigns, view current campaign stats at a glance, and quickly address issues like lack of traffic. 

Additionally, we added more sales and educational resources and revamped the Assets section, making it easier to find the right materials for your campaigns. You can also filter assets by product, type, use case, language, and activity, streamlining your campaign-building process.

We hope your campaigns will be easier to build and customize and that your winning strategies will bring you even more commissions. Happy New Year!

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