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New in the Partner Program: ChatBot reselling

5 min read
Jul 1, 2021

We are excited to announce the launch of a new Partnership opportunity. From now on, ChatBot - a powerful new product from our suite - can be created in a version that allows you to become its Value-Added Reseller (VAR). All you need is access to the Solution Program.

This release aligns perfectly with our strategy of introducing all of LiveChat’s products to the partner community. We want you to return to the Partner App and pick a suitable solution whenever you create a store for a client or have a customer service-related issue to resolve on their site. It’s our job to create an environment where using our tools is beneficial both for you and your clients and by opening ChatBot to value-added reselling, we’re doing just that.

ChatBot Reselling in a nutshell

The whole process works exactly like with LiveChat so if you’re reselling LiveChat already, there’s nothing that will surprise you here.

Basically, this new release allows you to create a ChatBot account on behalf of your client - using the Partner App. The awesome thing is, you can now decide whether you want your client to manage payments for the account, or you want to pay for the subscription yourself.


If you choose the latter, some awesome things will happen:


Hey, but what is this ChatBot thing anyway?

Since the majority of you know us mostly from LiveChat - our world-renowned and well-established software - you may not be familiar with what ChatBot really is and what it does best. The introduction of ChatBot reselling is a perfect opportunity for a meet and greet!

In a nutshell, ChatBot excels in automation. It’s a platform that allows the creation, deployment, and tracking of chatbots across channels. You may use it to design smooth conversational scenarios that will help your clients build better relationships with their websites’ visitors.

More about ChatBot:

And while ChatBot works perfectly as a standalone solution, it’s even more powerful when integrated with LiveChat. The former covers all customer service and sales activities conducted via person-to-person communication, and the latter jumps in effortlessly whenever support or salespeople are offline. Neatly set up, it will generate leads, streamline sales and answer questions on the go.

Your input matters more than ever

This brings me to my point. ChatBot needs to be implemented correctly to do the job on behalf of the client. While its interface is super simple to work on thanks to the new visual builder, and there is an in-app academy attached, the person setting the ChatBot up has to know how to do it to deliver the results their clients expect. Meanwhile, clients rarely have time and resources to dive into software’s capabilities themselves. Consequently, their rash implementations fail to deliver.

We're Partners, so we want you to learn all there is to know about ChatBot, and use this knowledge to grow your business with ChatBot on board. Add ChatBot to your offering, bundle it with what you do best and create yourself a set of new services your competitors can only dream to have. Companies need turnkey solutions and are willing to pay extra for having their problems solved.

Sounds like a bit of a stretch? It is not!

We are dedicated to helping you lower the barrier of entry when it comes to familiarizing yourselves with ChatBot. We know it will take some time for you to try it out and to figure out how your clients would be able to take advantage of it. To make it all as convenient as it gets, we’re happy to provide you with a free ChatBot demo account for 6-months. No strings attached!

Want to get your ChatBot demo account? Reach out to us at partners@livechat.com and request a demo account for ChatBot.
Help us find you in our database by providing your login email to the Partner App or your Partner ID. Let us know which email address you want us to create your demo ChatBot account on. Expect to receive an invitation to start using ChatBot once we review your request.

Important: Only Partners with access to the Solution Program can claim this perk. Think you’re the right person to join? Log in to your partner account at partners.livechat.com, submit your application and we’ll review it within 48 hours.