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by Pawel Halas on 21 Nov, 2019 ~4 minutes read

LiveChat Partner Program has a brand new product you can now promote and turn into a new source of passive income. ChatBot is a powerful software for building AI bots for business. We want it to conquer a rapidly growing market of AI-powered customer service platforms and we need your help with that!

ChatBot = new revenue stream for LiveChat Partners

By making ChatBot available in the Affiliate Program, we’re inviting you to take part in its sales process. Help us grow its user base and build a new source of passive income along the way! All you need to get your unique affiliate link to ChatBot and share it with your audience.

We’ll pay you a 20% recurring revenue for a lifetime of every new ChatBot account you help us sell.

Wanting to equip you with more than just a simple referral link, we’ve made significant changes to the Partner App, so that you could:

  • Create affiliate campaigns. Build custom affiliate links, target different audiences and track your conversion rates. Not sure how to use campaign builder? Here’s some more about it.
  • Access ChatBot-specific creatives. Take advantage of shiny new banners, ChatBot logos, ready-made tweets, and texts that will help you encourage more people to purchase our software.

LiveChat Partner app with the list of ChatBot creative materials that includes promotional banners and screenshots

Above: Partner Application’s Resources section with ChatBot-specific creatives available. You can access it by logging in with your account.

What’s ChatBot?

With ChatBot, we aim to conquer a rapidly growing market of AI-powered customer service automation platforms.

ChatBot allows one to build bots on Messenger, Slack, or LiveChat without coding. What’s more, the framework comes with ready-to-use templates and tutorials thanks to which even beginners can set up bots with ease. And, while ChatBot is a powerful stand-alone product, it seamlessly integrates with LiveChat. This means it can complement LiveChat perfectly whenever one’s support agents are offline or struggle with a high volume of repetitive questions.

Screenshot from the ChatBot software that can now be promoted in LiveChat Partner Program

Above: Screenshot of the ChatBot application. It shows ready-made templates one can import to start using the software.

What’s crucial, ChatBot is on the market for a while now and has hundreds of paying customers already! Actually, even some of enterprise-level businesses have purchased it and use it to automate their daily operations. ChatBot has been adopted by companies like Adidas, Kayak, and Zain, to name a few. This means you’re not dealing with some random tool, but with a capable, proven software.

How much can you earn?

Currently, ChatBot runs on a 14-day free trial, after which one can purchase its subscription which costs between $50 and $499 per account per month.

While the price for the product itself can help you estimate your basic referral revenue, introducing ChatBot to the Partner Program opens a number of new business opportunities, you can take advantage of.

How much you charge your clients for services around ChatBot, is entirely up to you!

Become a ChatBot Pro!

ChatBot not only can become your new source of passive income. You can also turn into:

  • A new opportunity to build your expertise in the customer service sector and differentiate on the market.
  • A capable framework on top of which you can create and offer unique services to clients searching for more efficient ways to generate leads and answer clients’ queries.

To offer such services, you need to turn into a real ChatBot Pro. How become one? Start from signing up for the ChatBot trial account and test our product from A to Z.

Taking lessons from ChatBot Academy will definitely be a good start to this journey. After all, to help your clients optimize their customer service and online sales with ChatBot, you need to master chatbot-building skills and know the tool inside-out. As you can see, the path to becoming a real ChatBot expert and is as open as it gets! :)

Got any questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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