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by Pawel Halas on 04 Jun, 2019 ~5 minutes read

Big news! We’ve added new features to our Solution Partner Program so that it could cover multiple new scenarios you might encounter in your business journey. Whether plan to resell our software or want to earn a referral fee for recommending LiveChat to clients you work with, this should be your go-to section from now on.

Up until now, Solution Partner Program allowed you only to create LiveChat accounts with the subscription section moved to the Partner App. With end clients having no access to billing details, you could purchase these accounts from us with a lifetime discount and resell them on your terms later.

Now, we’re expanding this model of partnership significantly.

Creating new LiveChat accounts on behalf of your clients? Now you decide who will manage payments!

From now on, every time you create a LiveChat trial account for your client, you can decide who will manage the payments for it:

  • You - in the Partner App,
  • Your client - in LiveChat.


If you pick yourself, everything will stay like it used to. We’ll give you a lifetime discount and hide all the subscription details in LiveChat so that the client using it has no access to the details of our cooperation.

However, if you point at your client to manage payments, we’ll keep the access to subscription in LiveChat for them and disable it in the Partner App. Going for such a scenario, you can expect us to pay you a commission whenever client subscribe for a full version.

Each option has its advantages and covers different use cases. Not sure which suits your business needs better? Check this comparison:


Either way, every time you create a trial in the Partner App, we send an invitation to start using LiveChat on the email address you provide.

You offer custom deals, we send enhanced invitations to start using LiveChat!

Since we’re on the subject of email invitations, these have been enhanced as well!

To the form creating trials for clients, we’ve added an option to attach a special deal to the account they created. What does it mean? Essentially, whenever you point at your client as the one responsible for managing payments for the account, you’re given an additional option to:

  • extend a client’s trial up to 60 days,
  • attach one of the available discounts to the account you create (see the screen below).


If you decide to include any of these, we’ll add the info about the deal to the email invitation sent your customer’s way. Here is how they look now:


We hope these customized invitations will encourage clients to subscribe for a LiveChat paid version. After all, you can now provide them with much better offer to the one they can get signing up on our website.

However, whether you want to make use of it or not, is entirely up to you.

US or EU? You decide where we should store your clients’ data

Another option we included in this new flow of setting up LiveChat accounts is the ability to choose the location of servers you want us to store data collected by your clients in LiveChat.


We have datacenters located both in The United States and in The European Union. While both are extremely secure, some companies may have specific requirements to use one rather than other.

In a nutshell, you might need to address their needs to close sales.

And with this feature, you can win them over!

To give you an example; For a lot of European companies it’s crucial to store all of their clients’ information on servers located in the EU. They are simply obliged to use software which goes far beyond being GDPR compliant (which LiveChat is, of course).

You may encounter (or have already encountered) a number of business opportunities, taking advantage of which will rely on ensuring clients that LiveChat will keep the highest security standards.

We are here to help you cash in on them.

Track performance of licenses you created

After you create an account (which should take literally less than a minute), it will get listed in the Solution Partner > Licenses section of the Partner App (see the screen below).


Feel free to give it a glance anytime you want to:

  • Learn if/how clients are actually using accounts you created for them,
  • Make sure you set them up exactly the way you wanted to,
  • Access subscription (if only you chose to manage payments yourself).


With all that said, if you have clients wanting to start using LiveChat, take advantage of the Solution Partner Program and create LiveChat trials on their behalf. The process is simple, convenient, and gives you an amazing advantage!

By introducing these new features, we want to empower you even more and give you more options to scale your business with us. After all, the more options you have, the easier it will be for you to include LiveChat in projects you run for your clients.

However, if you have any feature requests or simply want to share your opinion, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at I’ll be happy to hear your thoughts!

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