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How to make the most of the YouTube Partner Program – and the LiveChat Partner Program too!

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Apr 19, 2023

Recently, I listened to a podcast explaining how the “TikTokization” of social media platforms influences video making. I thought I’d share this with you as I find it an exciting opportunity for you (I’ll explain later).

So, as you might remember, the trend for making under-1-minute videos started with Vine but was quickly taken over by TikTok after breaking the bank with over 1 billion users. Behind this crazy popularity were engaging short videos that suck you in like a black hole and flood you with dopamine (TikTok has the most addictive design ever made).

No wonder other social media platforms, including YouTube or Facebook, also introduced short video forms. It’s all about engagement, right?

However, this step has changed the video-making landscape. 

In the beginning, it was simple. YouTube videos were relatively short, chaotic, and amateur. Later, all the serious makers stepped in, and it was difficult to tell what was made for television and what was for a YouTube channel. The bar was set high.

But now, with the progress of TikTokization, we see the rise of engaging short videos flooding the Internet. It doesn’t matter anymore whether you're recording in a professional home studio or a bathroom: it’s all about what you want to say in the fastest way possible

That’s the opportunity I’m talking about. If you been thinking about video-making, the time is now! And with some decent partner programs around, you can turn your passion into some decent money. 

Let me talk a bit about the YouTube Partner Program and how you can combine it with our Partner Program to make the most of your new job as a video maker.

What are the benefits of joining the YouTube Partner Program?

Let's leave the rules for later. Let's first learn why on Earth you should join this program.

The YouTube Partner Program offers a range of exclusive benefits that can help you build your brand, grow your audience, and earn money from your content.

1. Monetization

Once you join the program, you can monetize your videos with ads, channel memberships, Super Chat and Super Stickers, and other monetization features. This can help you generate revenue and earn a sustainable income from your channel.

2. Access to a range of analytical and creative tools

You can use YouTube Analytics to gain insights into your audience, track your performance, and optimize your content strategy. You'll also be able to access YouTube Studio, which offers video editing, captioning, and SEO optimization tools.

3. The opportunity to collaborate with other creators and brands

You can connect with like-minded YouTube creators through YouTube's community features, collaborate on videos, and grow your audience by cross-promoting each other's channels. You can also partner with brands to create sponsored content, providing an additional income source and exposure for your channel.

If you're considering making more money on a video-sharing platform, being a YouTube partner might help you.

But now, let's get to rules and regulations (boredom alert ;)).

YouTube Partner Program terms

Let's start with the most critical part: you need to have your YouTube account. Everything after that will be a piece of cake.

Jokes aside, though, here are the rules for YouTube partners.

  1. Eligibility
    To join the YouTube Partner Program, you must be at least 18 years old and have at least 1,000 subscribers and a high watch time: 4,000 valid public watch hours on your channel in the last 12 months.
    This one might sound harsh, but it won't be such a big deal if you're dedicated to creating high-quality content and getting new subscribers.
  2. Keep it clean
    Your content should comply with YouTube community guidelines, which include avoiding content that is violent, hateful, harmful, sexually explicit, or misleading (obvious). Also, ensure you have the rights and permissions for any music, images, or video clips used in your videos (again, pretty obvious).
  3. Make your channel look great
    Optimize your channel by creating engaging and high-quality content, using relevant tags and descriptions, and ensuring your channel has an attractive and consistent visual identity. 
  4. Engage with your viewers
    Respond to comments, post updates, and run live streams. Keeping your audience engaged is key to getting more views and subscribers.
  5. Get ready to monetize
    Ensure that your monetization settings are enabled and comply with YouTube's policies, including not clicking on your own ads (both: video ads and banner ads!), not artificially inflating views or engagement, not asking your mom to do that, etc. You know what they mean.
  6. Be patient
    The review process for the YouTube Partner Program can take several weeks or even months (!). Treat it like a patience exercise, and continue to create and promote your content in the meantime.

Now that you know everything about the Youtube Partner Program, let's see how you can combine it with being an active member of the LiveChat Partner Program.

Not yet a member? Join us!

Become our Affiliate Partner and earn $400 monthly on average!

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The benefits of the LiveChat Partner Program

But first, what is this LiveChat you keep talking about?

My video-making friend, LiveChat is only a general name for our business communication suite. LiveChat, ChatBot, HelpDesk - all these names are self-explanatory. As you can guess, we create products for business-customer communication and help companies gain more satisfied customers.

By joining the LiveChat Affiliate Program, you earn money from promoting one, two, or all these products. But wait, what's here for you?

  1. You make money by promoting great products
    You can earn up to 20% recurring commission by promoting any of our products - for a lifetime! It's a win-win situation – you earn money while helping your audience find a solution to their customer service needs. Our Affiliate Partners earn $400/month on average, and our highest-paid Partner has earned $3,623,795 so far, so it might be a good deal!
  2. Easy to join
    It's easy and free! Once you sign up, you'll get a unique referral link to share with your audience via social media, email, or your website. It's that simple.
  3. High-quality marketing materials
    You get a wide range of high-quality marketing materials, such as banners, videos, and landing pages. No need to learn the ins and outs.
  4. Get dedicated support
    You'll get 24/7 support to answer your questions and help you optimize your performance.
  5. Real-time tracking and reporting
    LiveChat provides its affiliates with real-time tracking and reporting so that you can see your referral traffic, earnings, and other key metrics. This allows you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your performance.

And for whom is the program?

Well, for everyone with an online presence. Meaning - for you!

An additional stream of revenue

With your YouTube channel and an audience, there's nothing easier than creating short or long-form videos promoting LiveChat or other products. You can create product reviews, tutorials, or case studies that showcase the benefits of LiveChat for businesses of all sizes. Place your unique affiliate link in the video's description and wait for clicks!

However, you can also sweeten your deal a bit. You can create a custom campaign and offer a longer trial or a discount for the first payment. Thanks to that, your offer will be much more attractive to your audience.

Sounds simple? It sure does, especially if you keep in mind that our support can chat with you 24/7 and respond to all questions you might have.

And now, let me give you some tips to help with your future strategy.

  1. Focus on a specific niche
    To maximize your success, consider focusing on a niche relevant to LiveChat's target audience. For example, if LiveChat is particularly useful for ecommerce businesses, you might focus on creating content for ecommerce entrepreneurs. By narrowing your focus, you can establish yourself as an expert in your niche and build a loyal following.
    You can also change the angle and focus on business communication. This way you can mention all our products and a couple more.
  2. Optimize your YouTube channel
    Optimize your channel for search engines to increase your visibility and attract more subscribers to your YouTube channel. Use the right keywords in your video titles, descriptions, and tags. You can add your bio so people know who you are. Don't hide that you're our Partner; transparency is the best strategy!
  3. Use LiveChat on your website (if you have one)
    By using LiveChat, you can provide excellent customer service to your own audience, while also showcasing the benefits of LiveChat to potential customers. You'll also gain experience in using the app and that will translate into high-quality content in your future videos.
  4. Leverage social media
    This tip is quite obvious: use Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn to share your YouTube videos and promote LiveChat on social media. This will help you to build your online presence, expand your reach and attract new followers to your channel.

By combining the power of YouTube and LiveChat, you can create a powerful online strategy that drives traffic, builds your brand, and generates revenue. You can become a successful partner in both programs by creating high-quality video content, focusing on a specific niche, and leveraging the benefits of LiveChat.

Speaking about YouTube videos, here's one about one of our most prominent affiliates, Syed Balkhi. Apart from running his own business, he also offers our products. Check him out!

YouTube videos at your service

In conclusion, if you love making videos at home, the YouTube Partner Program is your golden ticket to turning your passion into profit.

It allows you to earn money by sharing your unique content with the world, all while doing something you love. Whether you teach a new skill, review products, or share your daily life with your audience, there's a place for you on YouTube. So why not give it a try?

And if you mix it with other partner programs, you just might hit the bank.