Learning Series: LiveChat reselling 101

10 min read
Jul 1, 2024

There are plenty of reasons why software reselling is a great business opportunity; however, it’s not for everyone. While software reselling does bring you amazing opportunities for financial growth, it requires a certain amount of dedication to get to know the apps and understand their impact on business.

But, if learning new things doesn’t scare you, this post is definitely for you.

In this comprehensive guide to LiveChat reselling, you’ll learn the most important things about LiveChat and our partnership. It will cover tips on custom offer creation, how to make good use of our resources, how to monitor your performance, and how the Partner Program benefits can boost your business.

Let’s jump right in.

Why LiveChat?

From its main website, you already know that LiveChat is a complete customer service platform that delights your customers and fuels your sales. But what does this mean?

Live chat apps allow for real-time communication between visitors browsing a website, and a company’s customer service agents. Website visitors can chat on different channels such as a chat widget on the company’s website, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or even SMS.

Agents use the LiveChat Agent App, meaning that they don’t have to switch between different channels. Thanks to a bunch of premium features and 200+ integrations, live chat agents can help several customers at the same time, without sacrificing the quality of service.

While the above solution sounds simple, it’s difficult to overestimate the benefits it gives to a business:

Currently, LiveChat is being used by over 35,000 business companies from all over the world.

The benefits of LiveChat reselling

From the very moment you’re accepted into the Solution Program, you can start creating licenses for your customers from your Partner App. You have two options: you can either refer or resell an account.

What’s the difference?

When you choose to be a referrer, it’s you who creates an account but in the end, the account is managed by a customer. In this scenario, you can apply one of the available discounts for your customer ($10 credit or 10% off first payment) and customize the length of the trial (up to 60 days), making the offer even more attractive. In this model, you’re rewarded with a 20% commission for every payment your customer makes.

When you resell an account, you’re given many more options.

First of all, it’s you who creates an account for the customer and sees all the details. The customer doesn’t have access to their subscription, and they don’t see if the trial is ending or not. Most importantly, they don’t see their billing details and don’t get any transactional communication from us. This means that you pay us for the license and send your custom invoice for LiveChat and your services to your customer.

In this model, you get a 20% lifetime discount for every LiveChat account that you create.

Pro tip: Consider going for the annual billing as it will allow you to combine discounts (15% off for annual billing and your 20% Partner discount).

Additional services you can offer

LiveChat reselling gives you a lot of options to boost your revenue, but that’s not all. Apart from offering just LiveChat, you can also provide additional services around it. Here are the most popular scenarios among our Partners.

Implementation and optimization

Some of your customers might require you not only to create an account but also to implement and optimize LiveChat for them. This means that you could make sure that LiveChat is up and running on your customers’ websites. You could make sure that the chat widget matches your customer's website. You could also add agents to the license and set up their accounts as well as customize canned responses or rich messages.

If you’re a member of our Solution Program and don’t have a demo account yet, contact us and request it.

Build a support team

Sometimes after implementing LiveChat, customers receive so many incoming chats that they face the necessity of building a live chat support team. In such cases, you can do that on the customer’s behalf and take care of finding the right people, setting up LiveChat accounts for them, and giving them training. You can also create the right communication strategy for your customer and create business documentation for them.

Check our Agent’s Handbook and learn everything you need to create a LiveChat support team.

Build custom integrations

LiveChat can be integrated with over 200 apps, but it may turn out that your customer needs a customized solution. In such a case, you can use our open API, build custom integrations, and sell them to your customers. You could also make use of our Marketplace and market your solution out there.

See our API documentation and build your own solutions on top of that. Also, check out the Developer Program.

LiveChat Partner custom offer

Include LiveChat in your projects

Working on boosting your customers’ revenue? Redesigning their website and digital presence? Or maybe you’re building an online shop for your customer? LiveChat can add tremendous value to your projects as it not only makes it possible to chat, it also generates new leads, facilitates the gathering of customer data, makes it possible to monitor online visitors, etc. Since it easily integrates with ecommerce platforms (like Shopify or BigCommerce) and other business apps, there’s nothing more natural than adding it to your projects.

See how Conscious Commerce Corporation included LiveChat into their business offer and how they were able to increase their customer’s revenue by almost 400%.

How to prepare a successful sales demo

A sales demo is the bread and butter of your success. During a demo, you're showing your prospect how LiveChat can reduce any pain points or issues they're experiencing. We’ve asked our Account Managers for a couple of tips that could help you to nail it.

Before the demo

  1. Gaining knowledge about LiveChat’s features and business benefits. We offer you a demo account so you can battle-test it and learn about its strengths. You can gain access to it by contacting your Account Manager or simply by requesting it in your Partner App.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the sales materials we’ve prepared for you in the Sales & training section of your Partner App. You’ll find other videos, presentations, screenshots, and other materials that will help you to prepare a demo for your customer.
  3. Start a trial for the client and prepare a real-life setup on your demo account that matches customer expectations. It’s much easier to explain product capabilities in a real-life environment.
  4. Make sure you prepare a chat widget that matches your customers’ website design and add a logo to make them feel it's personalized. It will give them a feel of how LiveChat would look on their website. Here, you’ll learn how to customize a chat widget.

After a successful sale

You have just sold a LiveChat account to your first customer. Congratulations! However, your job doesn’t end there. Here are some tips that will help you keep your customers.

Keep an eye on email notifications

A good practice to follow is to monitor the performance of your licenses and make sure that you react to all unexpected events. Thanks to our email notifications, you’ll be able to quickly stop the licenses that need your immediate attention.

For example, there’s a payment problem. There are no sufficient funds in your bank account or your credit card has expired. In such a case, we will notify you about it so you can solve the problem right away.

In cases where your customers are still on a trial, you will be notified when the trial is ending. Thanks to that, you’ll be able to close a deal or, if you need more time to close it, simply extend the trial.

Stay in touch with your customer

Another good practice is to stay in touch with your customer and make sure that they make the most of LiveChat. Just a quick chat can help you see that a customer needs a higher plan or to better optimize their account.

When there’s a high number of chats and website visitors are stuck in a queue, you might suggest to your customer that they could add additional agents to the license. You can also recommend adding ChatBot to the website to deal with simple or repetitive cases (we will cover ChatBot in the next Learning Series article).

If they are missing some features (like Apple Business Chat integration), you might suggest going for a higher plan.

Staying in touch will also help you to spot the first signs that your customer will churn. According to our data, more than 60% of churned licenses had on average less than 10 chats a day. For you, this can be a great indicator that maybe your customer needs some help in using LiveChat.

Stay in the loop

Last but not least, make sure that you’re up to date with the newest features and releases. Thanks to that, you’ll be able to advise your customers of new solutions and simply you’ll know what’s happening within our products.

A good place to start is to check our monthly newsletters. Every month, we bring you information about the most recent releases and we share pieces of information that will help you to succeed.

Another place to check on is the Education and What's new categories on our blog.

Get more exposure

Working with our products can be rewarding in itself, but we’ve also prepared for you lots of co-marketing opportunities that’ll help you to gain more exposure. Our audience is pretty huge (over 35k business customers and 177k support agents), so for those of you who seek additional customers, it might be worth a shot.

You can write a guest post and publish it on one of our blogs. It’s a great source of strong backlinks but as we always promote our Partners’ articles, it could also be a great way to show off your expertise and gain more online recognition.

If you’re not into writing an article, we can present your company’s journey to success in a success story that will also be published on our website and promoted among our audience. We also give you the opportunity to be listed on our Marketplace. Active Partners can be featured at the top of the page, or added to a list of recommended businesses.

LiveChat reselling your way

Software reselling is a great opportunity for those who are not afraid to learn as its most important rule is that if you want to be successful, you need to know the product well. That’s exactly why we give you lots of opportunities to understand LiveChat’s impact on business.

Start with testing LiveChat on a demo account to see its full potential. Test different options and scenarios, and if you need help, check the LiveChat Help Center or contact our support team, day or night.

Another important part is making sure you take advantage of your Partner App. Create licenses for your customers, monitor their performance, and claim your benefits. Don’t forget about the great source of knowledge on our partnership that is our Partners’ Help Center.

Last but not least, remember that we’re Partners. We’re always going to support you in your projects. Take care!