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by Kasia Perzynska on 25 Jan, 2017 ~2 minutes read

Here are some tips on how to optimize your Expert profile. With this checklist in hand, you will be able to easily boost your profile visibility and improve chances of being hired by our clients. As a member of LiveChat Partner Program, you can not only make money by recommending LiveChat but also by providing additional services to thousands of our customers via the Expert Marketplace.

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Who are Partner Program’s Experts?

Experts are businesses that help LiveChat clients in various areas of expertise from the implementation and tweaking chat window, strategy consultations to outsourcing customer service agents or lead generation. To become our Expert, you need to be passionate about helping merchants succeed and prove your LiveChat experience.

There is no cost of getting listed on the Marketplace. However, we expect you to have at least a couple of LiveChat-related project Apply now.

1. Pick the right the categories

Are you an integration expert or do you provide customer service outsourcing? What languages do your agents speak? We have recently updated the categories so make sure that you select all relevant areas of expertise. Update your information in Partner Program App right away and let make it easier for our customers for find you.

2. Update your description on Expert Marketplace

Think of your description as a business proposal. Don’t hesitate to provide an overview of your company and explain how you would meet the client’s needs. Be specific and insightful. As a result, you’ll give clients a reason why they should hire your company instead of a competitor.

3. Ask clients for reviews

Don’t forget to ask your clients that use LiveChat to give you feedback to increase your credibility. The more positive reviews you have, the higher you will be on the Experts list! Note, that at LiveChat Partner Program we we care about transparency and honesty of comments, our Partners receive. Due to that fact, we accept only comments from your actual customers.

4. Participate in case study

Think about what exactly makes you a LiveChat Expert. It is an experience in this business, isn’t it? It would definitely be helpful to show off your results and tell us more about your approach and  how can you help your customers improve their results with LiveChat. What problems do they face and how do you solve them? A link to your case study will be included on your Expert profile and we will promote it on our social media channels.

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