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by Michal Szczyglowski on 07 Jun, 2018 ~4 minutes read

Previously we have discussed services that you can provide around LiveChat to enhance your business offer.

With this article, I want to share a few tips on setting up LiveChat for online shops.

Information is the key

I think we can all agree that having the right information at the right time is crucial for every business to succeed.

LiveChat application by default provide you with some basic information about visitors, specifically:

  1. Customer location (including map visual) and name (if the pre-chat survey is applied);
  2. All additional information from the pre-chat survey;
  3. Parts of your website visited by a visitor.

livechat online shops survey

As you can see setting up pre-chat survey can be a very handy tool not only for chat agents but also for generating future leads. You can even allow the visitors to sign up with Facebook which will provide you with another source of crucial information.

Using LiveChat’s e-commerce integrations will allow your clients to monitor visitors cart contents and value. As an example, Woocommerce integration will display product count, details, and total price in the visitor information.

Last but not least, LiveChat easily connects with 10+ CRM solutions! Be sure to collect every incoming lead and never miss out on any opportunity.

Set up tracking to leverage your strengths

Being aware of the way your actions influence customer’s business is extremely important. Be sure to always keep a track of the LiveChat performance to deliver the best value to your clients.

Here’s a list of tools that you may consider using when setting up licenses for your customers:

LiveChat e-commerce tracking features

Apart from advanced reporting crucial for customer support evaluation, LiveChat can track your sales efforts with the implementation of Sales Tracker and Goals.

Setting up goals for your client’s shops will allow them to monitor if the chats ended up with the expected result.

livechat ecommerce goals

  1. Pick a name for your goal.
  2. Choose the required action for completing goal:

    • Landing page - visitor lands on a specific landing page e.g. thank you page.
    • Using custom variables - the goal is achieved when a specific action set up in the website code is finished.
    • Set by LiveChat API - marked as completed when a visitor lands on a website without LiveChat tracking code.

The results are visible in the e-commerce section of LiveChat reports.

Sales Tracker is a more advanced solution to track chat to sale conversion. Tracking code for the sales tracker is generated in the settings of LiveChat app. Here’s how to apply it to your customers’ e-commerce stores.

livechat sales tracker

  1. Choose the name for the Sales Tracker.
  2. Select how do you want to track purchases:

    • Static - each sale has the same value.
    • Dynamic - can be used for different value purchases.
    • Non-monetary - use it when you don’t want to transfer the value of transaction but still want to assign purchase to the specific conversation.
  3. Add order number (optionally).

  4. How long would you like to track sale since the beginning of the chat.

  5. Generate the Sales Tracker code and implement it on the customer website following the instructions.

livechat sales tracker

Google Analytics

A must-have for an online business. Add both LiveChat and GA codes to the customer website and establish a connection inside LiveChat application within a couple of clicks. Check the tutorial to see how easy it is!

Google AdWords

If a paid search acquisition is one of the services you provide, be sure to track click to chat conversion with Google AdWords integration.

Grab the attention and engage with the visitors

The eye-catchers can be used to provoke conversation and lead towards improving your customer’s shop results.

Using eye-catcher images will help your clients generate more chats. It’s also a great way to display additional discounts or promotions that are currently going on.

People love a personal approach, especially when they buy something from you. That’s why you should get familiar with greetings.

livechat greetings

Greetings are personal messages displayed automatically when certain conditions are met. You can create your own greetings based on:

  • Specific page
  • Time spent on a certain webpage
  • Number of visits (first-time visitor or returning visitor)
  • Geolocalization

Wrapping up

There is no universal formula that will grant you an instant success so be sure to try the above mentioned tips during the 14-day trial. Test different engagement methods, set up the tracking, and provide your customers with the live chat training to maximize their chances for success.

Do you have any other example of LiveChat usage for e-commerce? Drop me a line at m.szczyglowski@livechatinc.com. I am always happy to hear about exciting LiveChat projects!

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