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by Michal Szczyglowski on 10 May, 2018 ~3 minutes read

Most probably LiveChat is just an addition to your business offer but if you just recommend our product and leave the customer on their own, you are missing an opportunity here. Once you decide to implement LiveChat on the customer website, it becomes an integral part of their business strategy.

LiveChat proved to be a very user-friendly yet complex tool and there is quite a lot you can do around it to enrich your business proposal. So, what services can you provide to your customers as part of LiveChat project?

Let’s take a better look at possibilities here!

1. Implementation & customization

Implementation of LiveChat is pretty straightforward and that’s also where your work starts. The installation process is a simple copy&paste of LiveChat code in the website source.

Piece of cake. It’s even easier with ready-to-use integrations.

Once you’re done with the implementation, let’s focus on things you can (and should!) do to customize your client’s license and let them fully benefit from LiveChat, especially:

  • Greetings - use your insights into client’s business. Set up personalized messages to approach visitors accurately and increase engagement.
  • Chat Window Customization - don’t stick to the basic customization options, after all, it’s the most representative part of your client’s customer support. Make your chat window stand out with: CSS customization, Custom Themes or advanced Chat Widget Tools.
  • Canned Responses - prepare ready-to-use answers to most common questions to speed up live chat support.
  • Post&Pre Chat Survey - get to know your visitors and gather additional feedback. That’s a very useful tool for lead generation and all the collected information can be transferred to the CRM of your choice.

2. Integrations

Take advantage of over 90 ready-to-use integrations to create the ultimate solution for your customer’s business.

Check on the full list of LiveChat 3rd party integrations.

Didn’t find the right tool for your project? No worries! We have a fully open API documentation that allows you to integrate your favorite software with LiveChat.

3. LiveChat agents/managers training

Beautiful chat window and a fully functional configuration are very important but it’s still people that count most in building a successful customer support channel. Take advantage of our resources to help your customers prepare for this new challenge.

Most recommended training materials:

  • Typing Speed Test - the response time of chat agent is extremely important. Let you customers master typing speed with this free and simple tool.
  • Agent’s Handbook - another must have for a beginning chat agent. In this ebook, we share insights of chat agent work based on years of experience.
  • Agent’s Handbook Quiz - a useful tool for verifying skills of potential chat agents.
  • Customer Service Quiz - a way to test candidate’s overall customer service skills.

What is more, LiveChat can also serve as a great tool for lead generation and online sales (extremely important for e-commerce businesses!). Master your LiveChat skills to develop dedicated training offer and deliver an ultimate skills set to your customers.

4. Outsourced chat management

That’s probably the most complex solution that can be provided with LiveChat Solution Partner Program. Usage of live chats in customer support is growing but not every company can afford a full-time team to manage it.

As LiveChat Solution Partner you can provide a comprehensive solution to your customers. Manage client’s account with one or multiple licenses, control billing with one partner account and put your own price tag. Combine all previously mentioned services to deliver a complete customer service package your customer will love.

Other solutions worth mentioning: chatbot implementation with ChatBot, building extensions with developers console and selling them in the apps marketplace.

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