Affiliate marketing

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Top 3 Unobvious Affiliate Marketing Strategies that Actually work

Build a website, write reviews, use Adwords and social media to promote the content you created - you can find similar suggestions of affiliate marketing strategies everywhere on the Internet. But how many times do you want to read similar suggestions over and over again?... read more

6 minutes
May 27, 2017

How the use of Presale Content can Boost Your Affiliate Sales

Affiliates don’t sell. Affiliates recommend. If this conclusion is the only thing you’ll remember from this article, we’ll consider our job done here at LiveChat Partners. The understanding of the role affiliate marketers play in the whole sales process is crucial. It makes you... read more

5 minutes
Mar 30, 2017

Why LiveChat Partners Is One of the Best Affiliate Programs

While affiliate marketing is an enormous and still rapidly growing industry, only a handful of major companies offer such attractive terms of cooperation to affiliate marketing professionals. LiveChat in-house proposition is definitely among the best affiliate programs available.... read more

5 minutes
Mar 22, 2017