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by Kasia Perzynska on 09 Aug, 2018 ~6 minutes read

When you become an affiliate marketer your primary motivation is the revenue you can make from it. And no wonder, that’s what this business is all about. This makes affiliate marketing an amazing sales channel because you risk so little, while you can earn a lot of money.

Besides, everything is in your hands and depends on your skills and how much effort you put into it. However, affiliate sales aren’t that easy to increase. In fact, this is a primary challenge affiliate marketers struggle with.

Of course, the simplest idea is to intensify your activity and do more affiliate campaigns ;), but there are other ways too. This is why today we will take a closer look at other smart ways to increase affiliate sales.

Discover what you can do to maximize your profits!

Let’s begin.

1. Create your online presence

Most of the time, affiliates refer customers directly to the merchant site.

And that’s partly okay because this way you limit the path a potential customer has to follow on the way to a successful purchase. This way the risk of abandonment drops, while the conversion opportunity grows considerably. Simple math.

However, this is a quite shortsighted approach that will bring you cash immediately but won’t pay off in the long run.

The method of sending traffic directly to the vendor’s website won’t contribute to building your online presence as a side effect. And having a strong presence can put you in a significantly stronger position over time.

When you transfer leads directly to the merchant, the people you reach simply aren’t aware of your existence in between and oftentimes they don’t even realize that they came through an affiliate link to see the product.

So, why don’t you invest in yourself then?

Create your own identity online and build up your audience too. This way you’ll give customers a chance get to know you (and perhaps even like you!). Create a relationship with your audience and in this way bring more value, such as trust and loyalty, to this game.

It doesn’t matter if your online presence attracts:

  • New business partners (merchants) who come to you because of the significant achievements that can be seen on your website.
  • New buyers that have a specific interest in the niche you represent and they just want to follow you to see what else you promote.

Either way, it’s absolutely worth it because over time you’ll be able to build up organic traffic and a community and capitalize on it to your advantage later on.

I’m not saying you should give up on techniques, such as AdWords, that send leads directly to the merchant site.

Just diversify it.

  1. Launch your own affiliate website, such as a blog where you talk about the affiliate products you market.

  2. Create social media channels to support your site.

  3. Make sure you reach new audiences through inbound marketing.

Although this might not trigger right at the beginning, such a move will work as a snowball effect and grow over time.

Start early and you’ll thank yourself later.

2. Buy products you promote

Affiliate marketers promote various products, from books to clothes, and they can get engaged in practically any niche.

But no matter what products you market, always test them out first. And in order to do so, the best thing to do is to buy these things to test them for yourself.

For instance, if you are promoting software, this testing out method usually gets a little easier because most of the time software solutions offer free trials.

This way, you can simply sign up and see all the features in practice, see for yourself how a specific product helps you at no cost. You just need to remember to cancel ;) just before your free trial ends to avoid being charged.

In fact, buying products you’ll promote:

  1. can be fun;

  2. is a great experience;

  3. can completely change the way you see a product;

  4. provides you with an interesting story to tell.

As you can see there are only advantages to it!

See this as your chance to go through the same journey as buyers do so that you have an opportunity to describe it. And the best part is, it helps you see a given product through a customer’s eyes and equip yourself with content.

Once you go through it, you can review everything - not just the usability of the product.

You can:

  • Start with opinions about a product you heard before the purchase.
  • Give reasons that drew your attention towards this product.
  • Evaluate the user experience of the website and checkout.
  • Say if it’s nice and easy to get the product.
  • Comment shipping quality if applicable.
  • The package (if it matters, mostly for beauty and fashion products).
  • Finally, express how a product seems at the very beginning - your first impression. And how it relates to the impression you gain later on once you have some experience using it.

When buying affiliate products for yourself, let’s you be honest about the business you operate in. This makes your reviews, recommendations and comparisons authentic because they are based on your real-life experiences.

And this is the best secret sauce for successfully boosting affiliate sales.

And once you start doing it, remember to support the text with self-made visuals. Upload pictures of the product or record a video to showcase it in your environment. This will add extra sincerity to the content you post on your site and social media.

Then your affiliate links become just a fair added value!

3. Offer your assistance

As we mentioned in the first point of this article, the whopping majority of affiliates stay entirely anonymous to the buyers. Customers usually don’t even know of their existence.

This is why you should stand out and provide value. Why don’t you apply a very different approach, a proactive one?

Don’t just stop at creating your online presence and buying products yourself.

Go one step further, and depending on the kind of affiliate product you promote and its level of complexity, offer your assistance with onboarding, installation and helping buyers make the most out of it.

After all, you are a brand ambassador over here.

This extra helpful attitude will lift your affiliate sales; help you get avid followers that won’t just follow you and trust your opinion, but they’ll reach out for a helpful hand.

This trick will build a long-lasting relationship, personal touch, and trust between you and your audiences. And in the end, these virtues will matter much longer than a single affiliate sale ;).


Affiliate sales may seem tricky to increase, but if you think it over, you’ll understand that it depends on the quality you bring. It’s absolutely doable when you are authentic about what you are doing and provide special value to your audience.

Not to mention that you have to create your online presence in the first place to be able to build it. :)

Once you master these techniques, you should just pay attention to the quality of the content you publish. Make sure it’s top-notch, no matter whether we speak of articles, videos, animations or podcasts - the quality has to be flawless.

And the rest will come. :)

How do you like this article? Are there any other ways to increase your affiliate marketing sales that have not been mentioned in this article? Feel free to share them with me in the comments below.

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