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by Pawel Halas on 01 Mar, 2018 ~4 minutes read

A giant leap - that’s how I would describe this release if you asked me. New Partner App is finally here and we are super excited about it. Considering how big of a change it is to our Program, you should be too! 🙂

New App was built on the basis of Partner Program’s brand new API. For those unfamiliar with the developer nomenclature, API is an interface enabling various components of an application to communicate. So - if you compared any application to a car - API would be its engine.

New API and the future of our Partner Program

Up until now our ‘engine’ had limited capabilities. Partner Program used to run on LiveChat’s main API which also meant it was fully dependent on it. Utilizing our own API makes us as quick and lean as it gets.

livechat partner program api

What does it mean for you?

First of all, you can expect from us to release useful and valuable features at a faster pace. And there are a lot of features we plan to share with you in 2018:

  • Tier 2 of the Affiliate Marketing Program. You’ll soon be able to promote our Partner Program among other marketers and get a commission from every sale they provide!
  • End clients licenses’ management feature - in Solution Partner module. It will finally allow you to conveniently access and set up LiveChat subscriptions for your end clients directly from the dashboard. While there’s no such tool now, you can make use of some workarounds to access and customize clients’ websites anyway.
  • Additional features helping affiliates track the quality of their performance: advanced filtering options and a CSV Export.

What’s also exciting: new API is 100% open! You’ll be able to integrate your performance tracking app or any other tool with it. Full documentation will be available shortly and we’ll share the good news with you as soon as it’s public.

New design, performance tracking stats, a Help Center

New dashboard is not only a promise of new quality. It comes with countless enhancements from the get-go!

livechat partner panel

What you’ll notice straight away - we completely redesigned it.

We analyzed hundreds of emails and chats to extract and remove all UX-related shortcomings that the previous version had. Navigating it now should be smooth and intuitive and you should be able to find anything you look for effortlessly.

We also enhanced affiliate Performance report with additional parameters. They will now be able to track and verify the quality of the incoming traffic directly in the App. Those stats include:

  • Qualified Leads (QL column of Performance section) → Indicates the number of licenses where code has been applied on websites. A lot of trials not turning into qualified leads may suggest that signups are random which can also mean that your campaigns are mistargeted.
  • AHA moment (AHA column of Performance section) → Indicates the number of licenses with at least 10 conducted chats. This stat confirms whether trials are used by potential customers you brought in. The higher the number the more chances for converted customers your campaigns have. We found that 10 chats is the level at which clients begin to understand how LiveChat works. They are more likely to convert once they pass it.

Access to these parameters gives you an amazing edge! You can now analyze whether the traffic you direct to LiveChat from various activities is accurate and test different approaches.

livechat partner panel

Finally, we equipped Partner App with a Help Center. It will give you easy access to our documentation, guides, and insightful posts we share on our blog - with no need to search through resources on our website.

Wrapping up

As you can see, our new App is all about better user experience and more extensive activity tracking. Most importantly, it builds a solid foundation for even stronger partnerships. It’s the very first iteration and there are many more to come. But this is the most important one making all future deployments easier.

Let me return the API-car comparison I used previously: we have equipped our vehicle with a fully electric motor and we are about to floor the throttle. Are you jumping in? 🙂

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