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by Michal Szczyglowski on 04 Jul, 2018 ~3 minutes read

Many small business owners worry that they won’t be able to establish fully functional chat support and it will end up delivering terrible customer experience. If you have already implemented live chat solution for small business clients, I am sure you can relate.

I have prepared a list of recommended solutions that you can consider when installing LiveChat for companies without a dedicated customer support team.

Let’s have a look!


If you are following the latest technology trends, you are definitely familiar with chatbots. There are many providers and most of them can integrate with LiveChat. If you are looking for a ready-to-use solution, check out ChatBot - a code-free chatbot factory that integrates with LiveChat in a couple of clicks.

Implementing chatbot solution will decrease the number of human interactions by answering most common questions automatically. What’s more, ChatBot integrates with Facebook Messenger or Slack and as it is a product of LiveChat, there is a 247 chat support available.

Offline Ticket Form

One of the core LiveChat features - a built-in ticketing system. If your client is not able to answer the chats on a regular basis that’s definitely a thing to try!

Tickets can be used in a wide range of situations but most importantly they can be offered as an easy way of contact when you are not able to attend LiveChat.

All the messages left in the ticket form will be displayed in the LiveChat app. It is also possible to transfer all support emails to the ticketing system and manage all support from one place.

Mobile Apps

Every website visitor is a potential customer and I am sure your clients will appreciate a possibility to interact with them even if they are out of office. Using one of LiveChat mobile applications will allow them to stay in touch with their potential new leads on the way.

LiveChat mobile applications are available for iOS, Android, and iPad.


Outsourcing become more and more popular in every part of business. Frankly, you can find an expert team to manage the chat in about every industry or language.

So why not give it a shot?

LiveChat is already working with a number of companies providing an excellent outsourcing services to clients all over the world. What’s more you can contact them straight from the LiveChat app or website.

Freelance Chat Agents

Hiring a virtual assistant outside of the company is still not very popular but it’s definitely a thing to consider. The costs can be lower in comparison to outsourcing company but it will require to check candidate skills before making any kind of deal.

There are few directories where you can find freelancers for your customers, including UpWork, Freelancer.com and Guru.com.

customer service pros upwork

Improving Chatting Skills

On a top of every solution described above you can simply work on improving the live chat skills of your clients.

The casual LiveChat agent is capable of conducting 2-3 concurrent chats but more experienced and better skilled agents are able to cover two times more!

As we are working on our product 247, we have prepared a couple of tips that can help you evaluate a chat agent and help improve their skills.

Wrapping Up

As you can see there are quite a few solutions that can be applied here. Provide your customers with the right solution and get another happy referral!

Happy to discuss other ideas as well! Feel free to share them in the comments or contact me directly at m.szczyglowski@livechatinc.com.

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