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The Affiliate Marketer’s Compass: Navigating With Ready-To-Use Affiliate Resources

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Jan 11, 2024

Without affiliate resources, you're like a sailor without a compass, lost in a sea of data and decisions. You're relying on gut instinct to choose the right direction and lose plenty of time trying to figure out where you are. It's a game of trial and error, often leading to missed opportunities and stunted growth.

Now, imagine the scenario with a comprehensive suite of affiliate resources. You're now the captain with a high-tech navigation system. These tools help you to navigate through the seas of affiliate marketing, test new strategies and approach to your audience. This approach not only saves time but also maximizes your earnings potential.

When you start your journey with affiliate marketing, it's crucial to choose the right program for your niche. The good thing is that top affiliate programs offer free assets you can use in your marketing efforts (reducing the time to launch a successful affiliate campaign).

Hopefully, you're here because you're interested in our products, so let's see what kind of affiliate resources are available within our Partner Program.

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But first, our products you can promote

Within our Partner Program there are three products you can promote.

LiveChat is a powerful tool designed to enhance online customer interactions. It enables businesses to connect with and track online visitors in real-time, offering the opportunity to engage with them through immediate chat responses.

This tool is not just about initiating conversations; it also helps in maintaining contact with customers after their initial visit, ensuring a continuous and seamless communication experience.

ChatBot, another innovative solution, revolutionizes customer service by automating repeatable tasks. This includes gathering essential customer information and responding to frequently asked questions.

What makes ChatBot stand out is its intuitive builder, which allows even those with no coding skills to create effective and efficient bots. This automation not only streamlines customer interactions but also ensures quick and accurate responses to customer queries, improving overall customer satisfaction.

HelpDesk, on the other hand, offers a straightforward yet effective ticketing system designed to handle customer issues asynchronously. It's an ideal solution for managing and resolving customer problems that don't require immediate attention, allowing for organized tracking and handling of customer queries.

By providing a structured platform for addressing customer issues, HelpDesk enhances the efficiency of customer support teams, ensuring that each customer receives timely and effective solutions to their problems.

As you understand, it's not possible to successfully promote affiliate without content creation.

Or... is it?

Our affiliate resources

Once you become a member of our Affiliate Program, you gain access to our Partner App. There, you can get your link, create a custom campaign and, of course, find affiliate resources.

Logos and banners

We all know that efficiency and professional presentation are key to successful affiliate marketing.

Ready-to-use banners save affiliates time and effort in designing promotional materials, allowing them to focus on strategy and outreach. Logos enhance brand recognition and trust, instantly connecting potential customers with the brand's identity.

It's also super easy to use such compelling resources in your blog post or multiple social media channels.

Together, these elements create visually appealing, credible campaigns that stand out, without the affiliate partner needing to invest time in creating them.


Screenshots are particularly valuable when promoting software or digital products, where visual representation of the product’s functionality and interface is essential.

Along with videos, they provide a practical and effective way to communicate the product's benefits without needing extensive explanations.

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Videos play a pivotal role in affiliate marketing due to their high engagement and ability to clearly demonstrate and explain products. Videos also create an emotional connection, often leading to higher conversion rates. They are invaluable when launching new products, telling a brand's story, offering tutorials, or sharing testimonials and reviews.

Additionally, videos can boost SEO, increasing the visibility of the affiliate's content. In essence, videos enhance the overall effectiveness and impact of affiliate marketing campaigns, especially in scenarios where clarity and engagement are key.

Among our videos, affiliate marketers can find product demos, tutorials and explainers, as well as interviews with our customers and testimonials! To see all of them, can check our Youtube channel, or simply enter the Partner App and go to affiliate assets.


Texts are crucial for most affiliate marketing strategies. Whether partners run blogs, review sites, create email marketing campaigns or run online courses - copy is the bread and and butter of their efforts.

Essentially, good copywriting is key to persuading and informing target audience, driving the success of affiliate campaigns, boosting conversion rates, and - well - making money.

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Among our available resources you can also find a lot of texts that you can freely use. Whether you need copy for a blog post, social media post, copy for the ads or emails emails, you will find it in our app.

In other words, we prepared everything that helps marketers do their online business easily and quickly.

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Affiliate marketing is a viable way to earn online, where you promote products you believe in and earn commissions from sales.

Central to this is your affiliate link, a unique URL that tracks your referrals. To start, all you need is a basic setup like a laptop and internet connection, along with some knowledge of the products you're promoting. The key to success lies in choosing the right products and effectively reaching potential customers through channels like social media, SEO, and email marketing.

In best affiliate programs, there are lots of additional perks:

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