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Best Email Marketing Practices for WooCommerce

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Aug 9, 2021

In the era of online sales, there is no doubt that organizations need reliable tools and options to continue their business effectively. WooCommerce platform is an e-commerce plugin for WordPress. If you have a WordPress website, this plugin allows you to connect with your e-store easily. It is simple to install and straightforward to use, so no matter the size of your business, WooCommerce is a tool that will help you grow.

However, to make sure that your growth is continuous, there are some marketing practices to consider. One of them is email marketing. It has been gaining popularity for quite some time now, so let’s look at the best email marketing practices to ensure your WooCommerce business blooms!

Email marketing and its benefits

Millions of businesses around the world use email marketing for many different reasons. Whether it’s a promotion to advertise, news to share, or surveys to collect, emails can benefit you in many ways.

Firstly, email marketing has a great return on investment. According to this research, for every $1 spent, you will receive $35. It also can reach a large audience in a short time, so you can send instant or last-minute messages - spread the word quickly and efficiently. Email marketing also allows easy sharing. Once the subscriber receives an email from your company, he/she can send it to friends and family in a few easy steps. Other than that, emails are simple to measure; most email marketing tools have great analytics, so you can always test and trace your progress. Besides high reach and deliverability, email marketing helps you grow your sales and revenue. With the right campaigns and practices, there is no doubt you can take your business to another level.

To begin your email marketing journey, an efficient email marketing tool is necessary. Many of them offer free plans or at least a free trial. Also, most of the email marketing tools can integrate with WordPress and WooCommerce. However, one email marketing tool, in particular, seems to stand out. Sender offers a free forever plan to all its customers and allows you to use all of the features you won’t get with any other email marketing tools free of charge. Moreover, Sender has a sweet integration of LiveChat with WooCommerce, so your business can be managed even easier. With the LiveChat integration to Sender, you will have the ability to save email addresses from the website visitors and create lists so you wouldn’t lose your contacts and get those customers purchasing!

Email marketing: segmentation

Email marketing allows you to sell to your customers, attract new ones, promote products, drive traffic and get feedback. However, you cannot send one email to everyone as every client has unique demands and requirements. Email marketing allows you to collect data about your current and potential customers so that you can segment them into groups based on their age, gender, location, purchase behavior, interests, and more.

By having this data and groups, you will reach your clients in the way they want to be approached. Segmentation will help to increase your email opening and click-through rates, which will contribute to further purchases and interest.

Personalizing your emails

Once you have your segmented groups, it is time to apply some email personalization. While leveraging the data you have about your consumers, you can target the emails to specific recipients. Some of the email personalization tactics include:

How to create well-designed emails?

You are now probably wondering how to design an email that attracts attention? Well, here are some suggestions that will help you develop a competitive email:

Best emails for WooCommerce

Now, you are aware of tips and practices that will help you design beautiful emails and apply specific strategies. However, each e-commerce business should consider having a few types of necessary emails which could be successfully implemented into email marketing strategy and drive engagement, sales, and loyalty.

Welcome emails: The first impression counts, so welcome your clients once they join your email list to appreciate them and share the excitement.

welcome email

Abandoned cart emails: Trigger the customers by sending email reminders about the great products which they saw on your website or left in the cart.

abandoned cart email

Confirmation emails: Keep your customers engaged by sending purchase, shipping, or delivery confirmations. The clients will be excited to track the journey of their order.

confirmation email

Promotional emails: Send discounts and special offers, whether they are seasonal or exclusive to subscribers only Make sure you mention ‘SAVING’ as these emails trigger the clients and lead to better conversions.

promotional email

Product-based emails: Inform your customer about new arrivals, popular items, or stock by presenting the products in the email. If the email is personalized based on the customer's requirements or previous choices, it will be likely to succeed, and the purchase will likely be made.

product-based email

Summary: best email marketing practices for WooCommerce

We have now looked at some of the best email marketing practices, strategies, and tools for WooCommerce business success. Let’s review them all: