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by Justyna Polaczyk on 05 May, 2021 ~2 minutes read

We’re happy to present the very first episode of our new video series called “The Bigger Picture!”

Why going with such a series?

Because we saw a need to give you more in-depth insights into what’s happening within our products and Partner Program itself. We felt that we should make it much easier for our Partners to find info about what we’re up to without digging in different places.

So with this series, we’re going to make sure that you’ll stay in the loop with our most important releases and that you know how to use them in your day-to-day business.

Today’s episode covers information about:

  • LiveChat - Apple Business Chat integration,
  • ChatBot’s new Visual Builder,
  • and new features that appeared on LiveChat’s Marketplace and will be a huge benefit for our Partners.


Here are the links that you’ll find useful:

  • Check our Help Center where we explain how to integrate LiveChat with Apple Business Chat:.
  • Here’s everything you need to know about ChatBot’s Visual Builder in a nutshell.
  • See the redesigned version of the Marketplace and spot the new features. If you’re within the Solution Program and you’d like to be featured on our Marketplace, reach out to us.

Remember that you can test all our new features on your free demo accounts and in case you have any problems, your Account Managers are happy to help!

Keep an eye on our emails as we will notify you as soon as the new episode is out. Also, prepare for the Learning Series that will appear on our blog soon.

Take care!

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