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by Kasia Perzynska and Pawel Halas on 24 Feb, 2016 ~3 minutes read

In a competitive market of live chat softwares it’s easy to get confused. Especially for customers not delved into the specifics of the industry. That’s where dedicated product reviews come in handy. ChatToolTester.com sheds some light on how they gain new referrals by reviewing live chats and blogging about best practices in the industry. It should be pinpointed as a perfect affiliate marketing case study.

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ChatToolTester is with us since the very beginning of LiveChat Partner Program. Robert Brandl - site’s owner - shared with us his opinion about program’s perks and other live chat products.

The value of a review

ChatToolTester offers advice for small and medium businesses looking for an online chat solution. It provides live chat software reviews and blog posts. However, its aim is also to showcase how other small businesses use live chats for sales and support.

When asked about their main strength, Robert named their reviews instantly. “When we review live chat software, we do a deep-dive. And that can sometimes take more than a week for the initial testing phase”, he stated.

“We really want to understand the philosophy that lays the foundation of a particular piece of software. Basically, a good reviewer should be able to provide a level understanding of the tool as one of software companies’ own support staff.”

The website utilizes content marketing for promotion, acquiring traffic mainly through their own blog and guest posts on other websites. The revenue comes from affiliate programs, including the LiveChat Affiliate Program.

The affiliate marketing case study

According to Robert, no special tools are needed to promote LiveChat. I wouldn’t say I promote LiveChat. Rather, I give my visitors the opportunity to check the review of one of the best tools available. LiveChat is a very slick piece of software. Great design and excellent user interface make it stand out in the crowd.

“It’s like ‘the Mac of live chat tools’ - as I like to call it.”

ChatToolTester joined the Affiliate Program in September and gained their first commission after few weeks. Even though not all of their referrals converted, the program has already provided some profits. As for now, ChatToolTester has nine active subscriptions.

When asked about the best main selling point for LiveChat, Robert said “I usually like to recommend it to visitors who don’t mind paying a little extra and want to have a hassle-free, well-designed and well-thought-out product”. Since the site promotes its own content, Robert doesn’t use the tools provided by the program. He decided to rely solely on his own blog writing and reviews and only added LiveChat logo in the article.


Measuring the satisfaction

ChatToolTester’s customers never complained at LiveChat. “As a review site, we usually receive negative feedback“ Robert admitted. With LiveChat, we’ve had zero complaints so far. It is excellent, considering that there are quite a few other live chat tools whose unhappy customers regularly complain on our site.

When asked about the characteristics of a good affiliate program, Robert mentioned trust.

That’s a key characteristic for every program for him. “It’s important to have live stats available straight away,“ he pointed out. Affiliates always have to put quite a bit of trust into a company. Tracking errors can just occur anytime. It helps if the company has a good reputation and a strong brand, he added.

Robert also shared his plans concerning the future of ChatToolTester. I would like to give it a redesign and also blog more regularly. Live chat is an exciting field and I am looking forward to seeing how the market is going forward.

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