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Introducing: Second Tier of Affiliation in LiveChat Partner Program

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Jan 21, 2019

Here at LiveChat Partner Program, we continuously work on expanding our offering to Partners. Our goal is to provide you with multiple opportunities to take advantage of our Program so that you could grow your business alongside us. Introduction of the Second Tier of our Affiliate Marketing Program fits this description like a glove.

What is the Second Tier of Affiliate Program ?

Essentially, Second Tier allows you to make additional passive income from conversions of partners you refer to our Partner Program. Thanks to the two-tier affiliate model we can grant you a 5% lifetime commission of every sale made by anyone you brought our way.

The compensation via the Second Tier of our Affiliate Marketing Program is calculated as a straight percentage. What you get is 5% recurring commission from the value of the actual sale brought by people you recommend LiveChat Partner Program to.

How does Two-Tier Affiliate Program work?

Your task is to encourage people to sign up to our Program and start offering LiveChat to their audiences. Once they start selling our software, you'll get your commission.

What's amazing, you can leverage Second Tier either by sharing links directly to LiveChat Partner Program or just by marketing our software. Or both! If traffic directed to LiveChat's main site converts into numerous active partner accounts, you'll get your share from their activity as well!

How is this possible?

Actually, we decided that all the hyperlinks between LiveChat and LiveChat Partner Program should transfer unique affiliate parameters (so-called Partner IDs). This way, Second Tier should attract new groups of partners, but will also provide our current active partners with an additional source of income. Hope you appreciate it. 😉

Just remember to use affiliate links available in the Partner App when starting your promo activity. If you forget about it, we won't be able to track sales you participated in (either directly or indirectly).

Partner App updated

Such a significant upgrade in our Partner Program required a slight update of Partner App as well. Now, under App > Affiliate Partner, you'll find:

partner program app

Who is Second Tier for?

Basically, every active member of LiveChat Partners’ community can make good use of the Second Tier. If you know fellow marketers, freelancers, blog owners, or digital agencies’ reps who might want to start promoting LiveChat or include our awesome software into their business portfolio, don’t hesitate to recommend our Program to them using your affiliate link. No matter what model of cooperation with us they adopt - you’ll get your share from every sale they generate.

Of course, you can just continue to market LiveChat and count that some of the traffic you direct our way will turn into signups to our Partner Program. That will work as well!

Is this an MLM?

Let's be clear here: of course, it’s not.

There is no entry fee, no misleading promises, and no scams. The Second Tier of LiveChat Affiliate Marketing Program has nothing in common with with such scheme .

We rather see the Second Tier as a marketing equivalent of all the referral bonus programs that companies implement in hope to improve their recruitment processes' efficiency. Similarly to those programs, Second Tier is not likely to account for the majority of your income in our program. But it can be a nice source of additional money, if only you're an active partner. A welcome one, I assume 😉


With all that said, I'd love to see you giving this new feature a try! Log in to your Partner App and grab your affiliate link directing people to our Program. Start sharing it with fellow marketers and bloggers and see a stream of passive income coming your way. That’s exactly as simple as it sounds.

Have any questions? Don't hesitate to reach out to me directly at p.halas@livechatinc.com. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Happy marketing!