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Top 10 Marketing Newsletters (+ Tips to Create Your Own)

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Jan 9, 2019

You may know that a while ago we started our own monthly content newsletter (you can subscribe here!). As we’ve been working on it, I’ve really wanted to discover some of the best marketing newsletters. I’ve signed up for quite a few and to be honest, I’ve failed to keep up with all of them. Plus, I’ve realized that actually, not all of them were helpful to me (at least at this point)!

After we released our first issue, I'd taken a few steps back, and I’ve unsubscribed from a bunch of publications. Here’s the list of newsletters I’m currently receiving, and I’m actually looking forward to seeing in my inbox on a monthly/weekly basis. Hope you'll find it helpful too!

Top 10 marketing newsletters

1. The Review by First Round Capital

Invaluable help for every marketer and product founder straight from the team at the venture fund, First Round. The fund specializes in early-seed investments, and their portfolio includes Superhuman, Uber, and Mint. Its blog and the newsletter which features the best articles from it, is both informative and inspiring. If you want to read real-life startup stories and learn from the best marketers out there, you should sign up for the Review.

2. TL;DR by Corey Haines

I have to admit that I’ve stumbled upon Corey’s newsletter back in November solely because he’d featured my article on the AARRR framework. Looking at the content he’s sharing, I wish that I would discover it sooner than this!

corey haines quoute of the week webpage

Except for featuring motivating quote of the week and a list of his favorite reads, Corey also lists books he’s currently reading, content he’s coming back to, and interesting workshops/webinars. He has been recently appointed a Head of Growth at an analytics platform, Baremetrics and starting sharing his learnings on Twitter, so we can expect some of these being included in the newsletter as well, I bet!

3. Alfred Lua’s newsletter

If you haven’t been following Alfred Lua on Twitter, you’re missing out. He’s a growth editor at Buffer and shares his marketing musings and his professional journey over on his personal blog. You can also sign up for his bimonthly newsletter where he features his work and his recent readings from other marketers. I find the publications and the process Alfred is so openly describing, relatable, and I’m sure that you’ll do too!

alfred lua newsletter

4. Buffer Social

Speaking of Buffer, the company also has a great marketing newsletter, ideal for people who are starting in advertising and need practical tips as well more in-depth rounds of marketing advice on topics such as social media and influencer marketing. With the newsletter’s 45k subscribers (and counting!), you can be sure that the newsletter features top content only and it’s that popular for a reason!

5. Andrew Chen’s newsletter

If you’ve worked as a marketer or an e-commerce expert for a while, I guess you’re already following Andrew Chen. For those of you who don’t know who he is, he’s an ex-growth lead at Uber and an investor at Andreessen Horowitz. His newsletters are full of invaluable startup advice and always heavily based on his own marketing and VC experience. What I like about his emails is how concise they are. No unnecessary sales talk, just pure food for thought!

6. Reforge Brief

Update January 14th, 2019: Sadly, the Reforge team has decided to stop publishing the Brief.

Andrew Chen is also the co-host of growth acceleration platform, Reforge. You may know its awesome online courses on user acquisition and retention, but they also share great content on their blog and in the Brief, their weekly newsletter.

reforge brief

What you’ll get is the compilation of top-notch articles from marketers and startup founders, all picked by the Reforge team and shortened into digestible chunks (with a link to an original full-length article). Sign up for the Reforge Brief if you know your MAU from your DAU and want to learn more.

7. SaaS Weekly

You may have heard about Hiten Shah too! He’s a serial entrepreneur and has been a founder at companies such as QuickSprout, Crazy Egg, and KISSMetrics. His weekly newsletter consists of his favorite reads divided into sections covering specific topics such as marketing, product, business, and growth. There’s also a place for a Tip of the Week, and my personal favorite: ‘Hiten’s Pick’ that could also be more appropriately titled ‘What you should read if you only have time for one article this week’. I’ve learned a ton from Hiten Shah’s newsletter, and I’m sure you’ll do as well!

8. newsletter is perfect for marketers interested in building and strengthening online communities - in their team’s words: ‘for anyone who puts people at the center of their work’.

communityis newsletter

The publication was created by Loyal, a digital agency specializing in building brand communication and community strategies. Each weekly issue is based around a certain issue - some of the past topics include crisis management, automation, and algorithms. Every month there's also one quest curator who chooses the theme and the content for the newsletter.

What I like about email format is the fact that there are three sections: ‘Short’, ‘Mid’, and ‘Long’, so I can decide on what I want to read based on how much time I’ve got to spare.

9. SaaStr

I’m sure you’re familiar with SaaStr, the community platform dedicated entirely to business growth and marketing. Their newsletter is a compilation of their most relevant content which I guess you’ll appreciate if you’re a marketer with a busy schedule! You can choose between receiving a daily or weekly email which is also an advantage if you’re short for time.

Signing up for the newsletter will also give you access to event invitations and tickets, including the annual SaaStr conference. I highly recommend it if you’d want to learn more about all things SaaS and business.

10. ReallyGoodEmails

The ReallyGoodEmails newsletter will be ideal for you if you’ve ever needed to write a marketing or sales email which I’m sure you have! Once again, each issue is built around a certain topic - some of the recent ones were personalization, news-related emails, ...and International Cat Day.

Each issue also includes a section with interesting links from around the web, and some of the newest designs posted on the ReallyGoodEmails website.

Tips for building your own newsletter

Are there any common points for these newsletters? Some things I’ve noticed and some lessons I’ve learned along the way are:

  1. If you already have a subscribers’ base, try connecting with as many of them to see what other newsletter are they currently reading and what type of content they'd find helpful.
  2. If you’re building your newsletter list from the ground up, think about who you’d like to connect to via your publication and what your ideal audience would be. If you know anyone who fits into this category, reach out to them for advice. Remember to keep things flexible though as your newsletter may be of value for groups that you haven’t thought about.
  3. Decide on the format of the newsletter and how will it go with other content hubs such as blogs, community groups, or forums. Do you want to highlight top content from these or achieve something else with your newsletter?
  4. Once you’ve got your the subscribers’ list and the format ready, it’s time to design your first message and write up the content. The thing that I’ve noticed repeated over and over again and which works quite well in my opinion, is building each issue around a theme. Please note that it may not work for your project though!

What are your thoughts on creating your own newsletter? Have you done it before? I’d love to hear more about it in the comments below. You can also share links to your favorite monthly or weekly digests!

Happy marketing!