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Steve Handel, Owner and CEO at Steve Handel, Owner and CEO at Steve Handel, Owner and CEO at

How it works


Join the Solution Program

As soon as you’ve signed up, apply for access to the Solution Program.


Get a personal onboarding

Get in touch with our expert and discover all growth opportunities.


Work on your projects

Create product licenses for your customers and take charge of their experience.


Gain a new revenue stream

Add a competitive advantage for your business by joining the communication market.

Peter Gavrilos, Partner Director at
This partnership allows our team to provide our customers with the best options in the current communication landscape.

Peter Gavrilos,
Partner Director at

Peter Gavrilos, Partner Director at

Peter Gavrilos,
Partner Director at

Who we partner with

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Consulting companies, business advisors

Become a communication expert and introduce your customers to our products.

IT companies, freelance developers

Use our APIs and SDKs to build new solutions or integrate messaging into your customers’ workflows.

Marketing agencies, software houses

Create new digital strategies for your customers and include our products in them.

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Discover benefits of our partnership

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    This is where you start

    As soon as you get accepted to the program, you:

    • Get all tools you need to complete your first successful product implementation.
    • Gain access to demo accounts and educational resources.
    • Have a 1on1 onboarding conducted by our experts.
    Bronze tier benefits
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    Here’s what you gain along the way

    Upon gaining this level, you get the ability to:

    • Be recognized as a LiveChat professional.
    • List your company’s profile on our Marketplace in front of 35,000+ customers.
    • Improve your online presence through co-marketing opportunities.
    Silver tier benefits
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    With great power, there come great benefits

    As you become our pro, you get a chance to:

    • Continue to grow with your dedicated Account Manager.
    • Have your company promoted among our customers.
    • Become a recommended Partner on our Marketplace.
    Gold tier benefits

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Alessandro Pioppi, CEO at Ascetic
We're happy to recommend and deliver to our customers a top chat experience. A flexible API gives us freedom to adapt and integrate LiveChat into customers' pre-existing software solutions.

Alessandro Pioppi,
CEO at Ascetic

All the tools and resources you need

Partner App

Create the customer accounts, monitor your performance, and see your current earnings.

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Open API

Build new solutions for your customers or upgrade the existing ones. You can also use it to automate your work with the Partner App.

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A directory designed to build a bridge between customers in need of professional services and Partners offering those services.

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Frequently asked questions

The Solution Program is designed to help partners utilize the company's products to support their customers' growth, providing comprehensive support and resources along the way. Partners can include consulting companies, IT companies and developers, and marketing agencies.

This program is distinct from the Affiliate Program in that it focuses on partners who work directly on projects for their customers, using the company's APIs and SDKs for integration and solution development.

The Affiliate Program, by contrast, is likely more focused on referrals and earning commissions through affiliate links without the need for direct project involvement or product integration.

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Partners within the Solution Program earn commissions based on their tier level, which reflects their success in using LiveChat products for their customers. The program features three tiers: Bronze, Silver, and Gold, each associated with different commission rates and benefits:

Bronze Tier: Partners earn a 20% commission or discount, with access to basic tools and resources needed to start integrating LiveChat products.

Silver Tier: By achieving an ARR of $5,000, partners increase their commission to 22%. This tier unlocks co-marketing opportunities and greater visibility within the LiveChat community.

Gold Tier: At an ARR of $20,000, the commission rises to 25%. Gold tier partners receive extensive promotional support, including featured listings and priority support.

The ARR is calculated based on the number and value of active subscriptions managed by the partner. This tiered structure incentivizes partners to expand their use of LiveChat products, aligning their business growth with increasing rewards and support from LiveChat.

Yes, partners in the Solution Program can access product APIs for integration purposes. LiveChat provides APIs and SDKs that allow partners, particularly IT companies and freelance developers, to build new solutions or integrate messaging into their customers’ workflows. This access enables partners to customize and enhance their product offerings, tailoring them to the specific needs of their clients and maximizing the functionality of our tools within various business environments.

The primary requirement is to sign up for the program and apply for access. You’ll find the form in the Partner App, in the Solution section. The membership is free of charge.

The program is open to various Partners, including consulting companies, business advisors, IT companies, freelance developers, and marketing agencies. The goal is for Partners to become communication experts, integrate messaging into customer workflows, or create digital strategies incorporating the company's products.

The Solution Program equips partners with a wide array of resources and support to effectively use and promote LiveChat products. Partners benefit from:

  • Comprehensive onboarding (new partners are guided through initial setup and product integration).
  • Free product accounts (to explore and demonstrate LiveChat's capabilities).
  • Exclusive partner content (access to sales presentations, training materials, and expert insights through the Partner App and educational blog posts).
  • 24/7 support (continuous assistance for any queries or issues).
  • Recognition and visibility (opportunities to enhance credibility and attract new customers through official recognition as a LiveChat Partner, inclusion in the Partners’ Directory, and featured content on LiveChat's blog).
  • Marketing support (tailored product training, dedicated account management, and priority support for product implementations).

These resources are designed to support partners at every step, from initial engagement to expanding their service offerings and growing their customer base with LiveChat.

Our partners can track their performance and earnings through the Partner App. This dedicated platform allows partners to monitor various metrics including annual recurring revenue (ARR), the number and value of active subscriptions, and the overall financial contributions they’ve made through their customer base.

The Partner App updates these metrics in real-time, giving partners a clear and current view of their progress within the program's tiered structure. This setup helps partners manage their growth and optimize their strategies effectively.

We’re looking forward to see you succeed

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