Your first steps in the Affiliate Program

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updated: Jul 1, 2019

The Affiliate Program is designed for all Partners who seek simple yet effective ways of growing their business and increasing their revenue.

How does it work? You log into the Partner App and get your affiliate link. Then, you create a campaign, place a link on your website, and spread the word about our products. You get all the tools to easily create your campaigns and promote our products, including promotional resources you can use on your websites.

Thanks to the intuitive Partner App you can create effective campaigns and constantly improve your results. You can test various strategies and monitor them, or simply adopt those that generate the highest value.

The path to becoming an affiliate marketing pro is through the optimal use of your affiliate link, creating compelling campaigns, and leveraging your results.

What do you get in return?

We offer up to 22% recurring commission for the lifetime of every subscription you help us sell. This means you’ll get a 22% share of every payment made by customers you refer for as long as their subscriptions are up and running.

Getting started

Log into the Partner App and head to the Affiliate section. Copy your affiliate link and simply start promoting our products, or take advantage of the campaign builder and create your custom campaign. By using the campaign builder, you’ll be able to create customized offers for your audience and monitor their effectiveness.

You can get your affiliate link or create a campaign in the “Affiliate” section of the Partner App.

Campaign builder can also be found in “Campaigns.”

Here’s more on how to use the Campaign Builder:

Before you start promoting, don’t forget to check the “Resources” section. There, you’ll find many different types of sales materials that you can freely use to promote our products or our program itself.

Depending on your type of business, you can include the link in the blog posts you create, promote it on your product review platform, or share it in your sales or marketing newsletter.

Your clicks and active trials will be visible in your dashboard, and we’ll send you emails updating you on your progress on a regular basis.

Once your very first campaign is up and running, you’ll be able to see its details and its performance. Thanks to that, you’ll see what brings you the most traffic and you’ll be able to optimize your marketing efforts

-> Here’s more on how to track your performance.

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