Tracking your Results

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updated: Jul 1, 2019

While you can simply share your affiliate link among your audience, we encourage you to use our Campaign Builder. It’s the best way to create a campaign and be able to track its performance in real time.

When you go to Affiliate > Performance, you’ll see the performance of all campaigns that were created by the Campaign Builder. Here’s what you can see in this section.

Campaign name - a unique name you gave this campaign. Product - what product you promoted in this campaign. Clicks - how many website visitors clicked your affiliate link. Trials - how many trials a particular campaign brought. QLs (Qualified Leads) - the number of licenses that actually installed our product on their website and tested it. Paid accounts - how many licenses purchased our products. Partners referred - how many Partners you brought with a particular campaign. Earnings - how much money a particular campaign brought you.

However, if you’d like to know more about your audience behavior, you can add your own UTMs and see your customized, UTM-based report. Here are UTMs you can add to your link.

utm_medium - see what channel has brought you the most traffic. It can be an ad, email, blogpost, or social media channel.

utm_content - it’s great if you’re using few different versions of an ad or a newsletter. By tracking it, you’ll be able to tell which piece of content has outperformed others.

utm_term - represents keywords you tag your campaign with. It can be everything you find important, e.g. custom parameters generated by 3rd party tracking software. Once you have your links customized and the campaigns are up and running, you can check its performance by downloading the CSV report in the Affiliate > Performance section.

Use the Performance Report to verify how efficient your campaigns are, optimize your conversions, and boost your sales.

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