The Solution Program benefits

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updated: Jun 6, 2023

Our product suite empowers businesses to deliver excellent customer service and rack up successful sales. We help to engage website visitors, turn them into customers, automate online support, and scale the teams.

LiveChat - allows connecting and tracking online visitors in real-time, engaging them on chat, and staying in touch later.

ChatBot - automates repeatable tasks like gathering customer information or responding to frequently asked questions. Intuitive builder allows to build bots with no coding skills.

HelpDesk - a simple ticketing system to solve customers’ problems asynchronously.

If this is what you’re looking for to solve your customers’ problems, our products will help you achieve your goals.

If you’re also looking for ways to expand your business, you’re definitely in the right place. Our program is dedicated to helping you build, market, and grow a compelling business around our products. Membership is entirely free of charge.

Within the Solution Program, you can choose to resell our products or simply refer them to your customers:

  • As a reseller, you get a discount when purchasing our products, and you can set your own price for your customers.
  • When you refer your customers to our products, they’ll pay the full product price, and you’ll be rewarded with a commission.


Partners within the Solution Program earn tiers based on the level of success they’ve achieved for their customers using our products. Tiers are ranked from Bronze to Gold.

Tiers are determined by the value of customers you’ve brought and managed over time within the Solution Program. We measure this using a metric called annual recurring revenue (ARR). ARR shows the predicted money flow that all your subscriptions will generate within a year.

And how do we measure your customers’ value? Here are a couple of examples.

ARR, along with your progress within the Solution Program, is updated in real-time. You can track your tier progress within the Partner App.


Want to learn more about the benefits? Check out this article.

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