Customizing accounts you create

Creating LiveChat accounts in Solution Partner Program comes with a number of customization options:

  • You decide who will manage payments for created accounts
  • You decide where we should store clients’ data
  • You decide whether to offer clients a special deal on LiveChat

Managing payments

Every time you create a LiveChat trial account for your client, you can decide who will manage the payments for it:

  • You - in the Partner App
  • Your client - in LiveChat

create free trial manage payment

If you pick yourself:

  • We’ll get you a 20% lifetime discount
  • We’ll hide all the subscription details in LiveChat so that the client using it has no access to the details of our cooperation

If you point at your clients to manage payments:

  • We’ll give them access to subscription section in LiveChat for them and disable it in the Partner App
  • We’ll pay you a 20% recurring commission if clients subscribe for a full version

Each option has its advantages and covers different use cases. Not sure which suits your business needs better? Check this comparison:

Who manages paymentsClientPartnerClient
Who creates LiveChat account?ClientPartnerPartner
How is the LiveChat account created?On LiveChat’s website, with the use of Affiliate linksDirectly in the Partner AppDirectly in the Partner App
Major benefit for partner20% commission
from every payment made by the customer
20% discount
on every payment a partner makes
20% commission
from every payment made by the customer
Where is the payment managed?In LiveChatIn the Partner AppIn LiveChat
Subscription details in LiveChat are..Visible
Clients manage payments themselves
Clients have no access to billing details
Clients manage payments themselves
Payment methodCredit cardCredit card or wire transfer(for high volume partners)Credit card
Do clients know what version LiveChat runs on (trial or paid)?Yes
Clients get to decide whether they want to subscribe to a paid version
Clients have no such knowledge since a partner manages subscription
Clients get to decide whether they want to subscribe to a paid version
Typical use cases
  • Publishing content about LiveChat on your website or blog (with affiliate links included)
  • Promoting LiveChat on social media
  • Marketing LiveChat via PPC ads
  • Earning a passive income from publishing reviews or product comparisons
  • Reselling LiveChat with your markup
  • Adding LiveChat to your product suite
  • Turning LiveChat into a feature of your platform
  • Including LiveChat subscription in a complex offer to your client
  • Earning commission from direct recommendations
  • Introducing LiveChat to a client of yours whenever you don’t want to pay for their account

Important: If you decide to manage payments yourself, your clients won’t get access to billing details (since you have access to billing from the Partner App). This means they don’t know how much you are paying for their account and whether it is on trial or not. What customers do know is what features they have access to and how many seats they can operate on.

On the left: billing details of LiveChat subscriptions where client manages payments. On the right: billing details of subscriptions where Partner manages payments.

Storing clients’ data

Setting up LiveChat accounts in the Partner App, you have the ability to choose the location of servers you want us to store data your clients will collect in LiveChat.

create free trial servers location

We have datacenters located both in The United States and in The European Union. While both are extremely secure, some companies may have specific requirements to use one rather than the other.

You can address their needs taking advantage of this option.

To give you an example; For a lot of European companies it’s crucial to store all of their clients’ information on servers located in the EU. They are simply obliged to use software which goes far beyond being GDPR compliant (which LiveChat is, of course).

Offering custom deals on LiveChat

To the form creating trials for clients, we’ve also added an option to attach a special deal to the account you created. Whenever you point at your client as the one responsible for managing payments for the account, you are given additional options to:

  • extend a client’s trial up to 60 days
  • attach one of the available discounts to the account you create (see the screen below)

create free trial duration discount

If you decide to include any of these, we’ll add the info about the deal to the email invitation sent your customer’s way. Here is how they look now:

solution welcome email special terms

These customized invitations can encourage your clients to subscribe for a LiveChat paid version. After all, you can provide them with better offer to the one they can get signing up on our website.

However, whether you want to make use of it or not, is entirely up to you.

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