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updated: Apr 12, 2022

Simple link-sharing is a quick and convenient way to promote our products. However, creating custom campaigns provides you with many additional options that give you a competitive advantage in the market.

Using the campaign builder, you can:

  • add a custom name to your campaign to track its effectiveness,
  • add a discount for your audience ($10 credit for a start or 10% off the first payment),
  • change the trial length,
  • choose a landing page,
  • and add custom params.
By mixing and testing the above options, you can define your winning strategy.
By mixing and testing the above options, you can define your winning strategy.

Campaign building

There are two ways you can access the campaign builder.

  1. From the Affiliate section Dashboard (“Create campaign” button).

  2. Or from the Campaigns section (“Create campaign” button).

Once there, you’ll see a short form allowing you to customize your offer:

  • name your campaign, 
  • choose a product,
  • choose a discount and/or trial length,
  • choose the page you want your audience to navigate to,
  • add param details,
  • and hit the “Create campaign” button.

When building your campaign, take a closer look at a landing page selector. It allows you to easily choose a landing page for a particular audience. You can filter all pages by industry, language, or popularity and quickly decide which page will be the best fit for your campaign. 

By choosing the right landing page for your campaign, you’re increasing your chance of convincing your audience to give our products a try!

Once you create your campaign, you’ll get a notification and your campaign link.

Don’t forget to monitor your campaign’s success rate by checking the Performance section of your campaign.

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