LiveChat Partners vs. LiveChat Expert

The short answer is: the LiveChat Expert is an experienced LiveChat Partner with at least projects up their sleeve that they can proudly show off on their profile.

We like to think about LiveChat partners as LiveChat Experts in the making, and we’ll do all we can to make sure you know how and have the skills to achieve the Expert status. The application process should be the final confirmation that you now know the product thoroughly and can help others with customizing or implementing it.

Who can become a LiveChat Expert

The answer here is: anyone can! Sign up for the LiveChat Partner Program and once you start bringing new customers in at a steady pace, apply to become a LiveChat expert.

To give an example of how your work process may work as a LiveChat Experts, here’s how it works for one of our most dedicated and successful partners, the ChatShop.

The ChatShop is a UK-based team of customer support specialists who help their customer implement and benefit from using live chat solutions. LiveChat is one of the elements of their professional portfolio, and their motto ‘Real people, real conversations’ reflects their approach to customer service in general.

Here’s how they start working with new customers by establishing their most important goals:

“Some customers may be struggling with something, some may just want to have better results. That goal is usually to increase their leads, improve conversion and AOV (average order value) or to provide exceptional customer service. Often they have more than one of these goals but there is always a primary motivator”

Jonny Everett

They’ve been consistently delivering 98% customer satisfaction rating, and have been able to increase the number of leads for their customers by 50% which led to over £20 million in sales revenue.

When we’re verifying LiveChat Partners who applied to become Experts, we’re looking for businesses and professionals who can deliver outstanding services, help us expand our customer base, and who we can recommend to our 26,000 users with 100% confidence.

If it sounds like you might fit the bill, read more about the application process and submit yours here.

Partner Program Terms