Solution Partner

Apply LiveChat to the projects you run or services you offer

Offer LiveChat implementation to websites you build or services you provide. Make it an element of your offer! Create custom solutions and let your clients enjoy LiveChat to the fullest.

How to monetize it?

  • Use Solution Partner section in the Partner App to set up and customize clients subscriptions according to their needs.
  • Extend LiveChat features using Agent App Extension.
  • Set your own rates for LiveChat and bundle payments with other services you provide.

Build Individual Integration

Build custom solutions linking LiveChat to your client’s software. Make use of webhooks which immediately notify clients LiveChat subscription about particular events occurring in their software. You can see more information and documentation for our 100% open API here.

How to monetize it?

  • Charge extra for both your hard work and the use of our product.

Embed LiveChat in mobile apps

Embed LiveChat widget in the apps you create. The users will be able to provide support straight from your applications.

How to monetize it?

  • Add embedding live chat support in apps to your offer. Charge clients for implementing such solutions.
  • If you own an app, consider charging extra for live support by as part of premium (paid) version of your application.
  • Apply a button (containing your affiliate link) that will direct users to LiveChat. Get commission for every sale you help us make.

Offer business advisory

LiveChat is a perfect addition to every online business. Use our promotional materials to learn how valuable it can be. Show your customers LiveChat uniqueness.

Build better integrations to ours

We built dedicated integrations with over 90 apps. It’s not that we’re not proud of them but we believe you can make yours much better! If so, feel free to connect LiveChat with popular platforms like Wordpress, Hubspot, Salesforce, Shopify, and Prestashop and sell your plugin to clients.

How to monetize it?

  • Publish your integration on LiveChat or other marketplaces and charge users for it.
  • Apply affiliate links to your plugin and get a commission out of every client you help us get.

Create something new

There are many popular solutions we still didn’t integrate with. Develop specific integrations and we will publish it in the Integrations section.

Create apps using LiveChat Developer Console

Build extraordinary add-ons, plugins, or other LiveChat-related solutions our documentation allows you to. All within The Developer Console.

How to monetize it?

  • Publish apps on the LiveChat Marketplace and any other open marketplace you want to.
  • Apply affiliate links to your solutions so that clients could sign up for LiveChat from whatever you created. This way, you’ll get a fixed 20% recurring commission for each LiveChat subscription you help us sell.
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