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Increase your visibility

Your profile will be displayed in our Marketplace where our 26,000 of users and 900,000 monthly website visitors will be able to see it. Now imagine how many new customers you could get if only your profile would get them to contact you.

So, how could you increase your visibility in our Marketplace? There are at least a few ways to do that:

  • Focus on making your description as professional and informative as possible. Don’t forget to write about your unique approach and why the customers should choose your business over others on the list.
  • Ask your existing and past customers for reviews. They can seriously boost your Marketplace position and help you acquire new leads. The testimonials should be insightful and specific as well.

Use your Marketplace profile as a professional portfolio

While for us, the Marketplace is a place to promote the apps and services created by our partners and professionals participating in our Developers Program, you may look at it entirely different. The Marketplace profile could serve as your professional portfolio. Don’t hesitate to fill it with as many details about your company as you’ll find useful. Company description, links to your successful projects, customer testimonials, you name it.

Make sure that the profile reflects a full range of who you are as an Expert.

As a LiveChat Expert, you will also get a badge confirming your association with our company. We highly encourage you to place it on your blog or website, or sharing it on social media platforms.

Discover your next business partner

We’ve got some top players from all over the world listed in our Marketplace. What if you could contact them with one click and start collaborating? Well, you actually can! We’ll even help you making this business partnership happen. Contact them right from the Marketplace, and get in touch with us at:

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