An affiliate link is a URL that you can use in your activity as a publisher. It has a unique tracking parameter - so-called referrer ID - attached. It allows us to track which customers signed up using the link.

By default, affiliate link directs traffic to LiveChat’s main page. You can customize it though by creating affiliate campaigns.

affiliate link structure

Your affiliate link includes a 120-day tracking cookie. This means that whenever visitors click on a link with your unique Partner ID, you will be credited with the referral - if only they create LiveChat license within these 120 days.

Important: LiveChat Affiliate Program applies the last click attribution model. It means the ‘last click’ is given a credit for sales or conversion.

In other words, if a customer visits LiveChat website multiple times - using various affiliate links - we’ll pay commission to the owner of the last link a customer clicked on before signing up.

Partner Program Terms