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by Pawel Halas on 30 Jul, 2018 ~2 minutes read

Here at LiveChat, we strive to make cooperation with Partners as convenient as it gets. Weekly Summary of your activity in Solution Partner Model is exactly that - a convenient way to keep track of the status of trial licenses created for your end clients.

From now on, every Partner with active trial licenses created in Solution Partner model will receive a weekly email (every Thursday) with detailed information about them. The email will include the following data:

  • The number of chats conducted on every trial license created under your partner account (to let you know if end clients are using trials you set up for them)
  • LiveChat code installation status (to remind you which licenses have not been attached to any website and - therefore - can’t be efficiently used)
  • Credit card attachment status (to let you know which of licenses will expire unless you add credit card details to them).
  • License ID, license expiration date (or next charge date) as well as client’s name, so that you could recognize every license easily.

weekkly summary license status example

Why we’ve decided to start sending Weekly Summaries

We launched Weekly Summary so you could stay up to date with what’s going on with all the trial accounts set up via Partner App. We learned that those of you who leverage Solution Partner model need an additional email notification so that could keep track of your clients’ licenses without the need the dashboard every once in awhile.

Don’t need the summary? No worries! The notification can be turned off anytime. To do this, go to your profile settings and unmark Weekly Summary notification. Want to turn it on back again? Follow the same path to start receiving it again.

weekly summary solution partner email example

All hail the API

Implementing Weekly Summary notification was possible thanks to the Program’s Open API that we deployed a couple of months ago. New API allows us to track lots of data related to licenses you set up and share them with you.

Actually, you can even track it yourself if you decide to integrate the protocol with your custom software.

Want to learn more? Check out Matylda’s blog post on building tools with the use of LiveChat Partner Program’s API.

Going back to the Weekly Summary, it seems to be a perfect solution for LiveChat Solution Partners. It gets the job done and won’t ever let you forget about licenses created for your customers.

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